The Why…

Hiya Folks

Welcome to my blog, this is weird already cause I feel like I’m talking to nobody…or am I? My name is Casey Jane and I am a 24 (almost 25) year old designer/artist/entrepreneur living in Toronto, Ontario. I have a knack for having a very random life style but for right now things seem as normal as they can be. I am engaged to my sailor fiance Matt who is on a mission to be on the Volvo Ocean race in the future, we have a dog named Tobi who is a boxer lab and yes has his sea legs.

Introductions are fun huh?

Now to the point of this whole blog deal, I am embarking on developing a clothing line, a online shop and a brand that will hopefully keep me happily employed for the rest of my life.
Why Sailor Parc? Matt and I spent 6 months living on a 24 ft sailboat on Lake Ontario being gypsies and sneaking into marinas so we could shower and not look homeless (we kinda were). It was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives, waking up to the sun peaking over the horizon with nothing but water in front of us. Making food while anchored out in a little lagoon while a whole city was going on just a small distance away. This all came to an end in October when it got cold (ImageCanada…go figure?) and we had to lift our boat out of the water, well we didn’t really plan on having an apartment ready so we kept living on our little boat on stilts surrounded by other boats on stilts. I really felt like some days we were living in a trailer park however it was more romantic then that it was a Sailor Park!
Now we did find an apartment eventually and loved it, but that half year living like that made me realize that life is very short and if you really want to do something you NEED to do it. Living that free life was a wake up call to get the hell out there and just go for it, I’ve seen way too many people settle on the small stuff and that’s fine if your happy! But I’m just not like that so Sailor Parc became a ever growing itch and finally I let it out of its cage.

SO here we are!

I’ll have lots of different posts going on this blog like updates from the business, outfit posts for his and her’s, Artistic adventures, and above all life lessons that i feel should be shared cause hey…we are not perfect and learning from me effing up may save you a day of sorrow drinking. Image

Thanks for bein here

Sailor Parc