I’m an artist, a seamstress, a designer, a stylist, and a 26 year old female constantly confused, astonished and amazed by what life throws at you and the complicated social situations we as humans put ourselves in. This is a blog about all the struggles and accomplishments an artist goes through to live the life they want to live, well at least the life I want to live. Climbing the ladder from doing laundry in the sink, debating between dinner or cheap wine, and sneaking on the streetcar during rush hour. This is the story of my life as honestly and ridiculously as I can write it.

– Casey Jane


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi little lady, my name is Sergio, I just moved to Toronto and I’m seeking potential collaborations. I am a spanish photographer (www.chriswhale.com) looking to assemble a group of creative people to build a portfolio and propose our work at the publishing level; here in Canada or worldwide. At the moment our team is made up of one videographer, editor and me (as a photographer). Now I’m looking for a male/female stylist who will be responsible for: food, interior/prop or lifestyle styling. The only thing necessary in this case is creativity, motivation and desire to grow professionally as a part of our team… so would you like to collaborate?

    I would also be very grateful if you can share this post with anyone who would be interested in this kind of collaboration.

    Thank you all in advance!

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