The Hilarity Of It All…





So it’s come to my attention that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING! I think it’s better that way, at least then I can’t do anything wrong…that’s how it works right? I don’t mean with my career, actually I have more clarity on that then anything else right now. I’m talking about the day to day happenings of my awkward existence of being single, the hourly replay of me navigating social interactions, and the hours of me trying to crack Facebook, Instagram, and text messages of there meanings…
Realistically it’s all very simple for those who are confident, know what they want, and have no fear of rejection.
I have not met such people but I am told they do exist…in Vegas
I never had problems meeting men, I went to an art school that had every heart throb musician, actor, painter, and writer a love sick teenage girl could ask for. However now almost 26 and without any clue as to who I am and what I want, I find myself like a baked college kid stuck at a Wendy’s drive thru on a Monday night.
Do I want to have drinks? Well yeah. Do I want to have them with you? Well…ugh
It’s this line that makes my legs want to run, it’s makes my heart do weird spastic motions like the time I did waaay too many poppers at a Queens university homecoming. It’s not that “love” tingle it’s that ” I wonder if he knows how utterly lost I am” feeling, kinda the same feeling when you have to poop.
My worries with dating after being in a comfortable relationship for years.
1. What if I fart?
2. Am I drinking my wine too fast? (This is usually always yes)
3. Do I have to shave my legs everyday now?
4. How do we virtually communicate after the physical communication? Or is it the other way around?
5. Is the idea of calling too intense? Do people call each other anymore? Or are we all ok with playing crack the text messaging undertones?
6. If I see you on the street do we hug? Kiss like the French? Or do I run into a nearby alley?
7. What is “hanging out” defined as? Seriously I’m really confused by this one cause my friend Kate asks me to hang out all the time and it’s not the same as other hangouts I’ve encountered.
8. Is being insanely vague a thing now?
9. What’s a condom?
10. Do I say how incredibly nervous I am or do I just smoke a joint in the nearby alley way before going to the restaurant?
11. Is sleeping on a couch considered artistically romantic or economically retarded?
12. When a guy says he’s “figuring himself out” do I run or pour him more wine?
13. Why is it that if you are nice to someone in a conversation they think it means you want to go through #1-10 with them? It’s not…

So these are just some of the many mind fucks I’m going through right now, if your single and can relate to any of these please email me a ten page essay explaining your experience. I think this just might mean that I need to step back and focus on eating sandwiches past midnight while watching Drop Dead Diva on showcase.
I admire all you savvy single people who make this seem like the best club in the whole world to be apart of, you may not always do it with grace but you sure look fulfilled doing the walk of shame at 5am…
I think I may just leave this to the professionals.
If your someone who I might meet in the future, I’m just as confused as you are and I probably held a fart in until my stomach hurt, so your welcome.

Happy Tuesday Lovelies

-Casey Jane









Since my last post I feel like my feet haven’t stopped moving, I’ve been on a whirlwind of working. Over the weekend I shot a creative that I have been putting together for a month now, it was kind of like my baby. It went amazing, I wasn’t worried considering the amazing people I worked alongside and the beautiful locations that were selected.
On the holiday Monday I got to take some time and head out to the Toronto Island for some beach time, the tunes were blasting, and the weather was perfect. Way back when I used to live on the island, those were some of the best days of my life, I miss them sometimes.
Once the week started I was picked up by Marie Eve (my boss) and we began work on a commercial we are styling. I’m blown away with how hard Marie Eve works and it inspires me to push myself. I love learning from someone who is not only a professional, but someone who has so much passion and love for what they do. We’ve spent the last three days collecting outfits, shopping, and organizing fittings for the talent. It’s been long days but I barely notice the time until I hit my apartment and realize how many hours its been.
I’m not going to lie I’m learning a lot of valuable lessons through this new job and the tolls it can take on you emotionally. Being on a creative high all day has its downside, especially if you have anything else on your mind. It’s draining to put so much energy and feeling into a job, it’s rewarding, but if your not used to the come down it can be intense. I’ve had some financial difficulty over the past little while, establishing yourself and making a career transition can put the old bank account in a choke hold. However that’s why I’m on my lovely Mums couch for the time being so that I can build my dream job and make it a reality without fear of being evicted. I’m ok with this, it’s what everyone goes through in their twenties and the end result will be far greater then the struggle. The fight does take it out of me, having to walk from one side of the city to the other, stretching twenty dollars over the week, and going somedays with absolutely nothing. It’s tough, but I still believe that it will be worth it…this all has to be worth it.
I really hope I’m right, I know there are obvious things I can change to better my situation and I am doing them. Freelance is a hard thing to be really good at, you learn and fuck up everyday, you also grow and become more resourceful. Obstacles become less of a fear and more of a common day to day occurrence, I’ve become a lot better at being persistent. Maybe I’m just bat shit crazy, something tells me this is half of what you need to get into this business, the other half is just a deep routed idea that there is nothing that makes you happier then professionally doing your passion.

That’s all from me today lovelies

– Casey Jane







Currently this week has been over far too soon, I’ve been running around all week getting together clothing for a shoot I have with Jane & Jane photography. I’m also working on three more creative shoots and one big ad campaign with my amazing boss Marie Eve Tremblay
I’m also condo and dog sitting for dear Kmo (Kate, my hilarious best friend and comedy partner in crime) so that’s been like staying in a hotel for the week.
I went out on Monday night with my best man in the whole world Branko, we’ve been causing trouble together for 10 years now. We went to the piston to hear some music and I drank far too many red wines, however it did keep Branko entertained by constantly plotting skittles in the bottoms of my glass all night….I can’t eat skittles ever again.
I love where I am at right now with my career, it’s starting to unfold and I’m working so hard to keep myself in the moment while constantly staying ahead of my schedule. It’s a lonely road being freelance but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now, I really do cherish my alone time these days.

Oh and one more thing, Cashmo (my comedy duo) has released a live performance video recording of our latest show, you can watch all three songs here.


The Rob Ford Song
Not Your Poo
Mable Geraldine

Let me know what you think, oh and also all you Torontonians…I know today has been filled with Rob Ford doing crack, an earthquake (which I did not feel) and its the Friday before the long weekend. Lets all just take a moment and be thankful we live in such exciting times…right?

Happy Friday Lovelies, dance your little pants off tonight!

– Casey Jane

Boys by Girls






A couple months back I was asked by Bri and Britt of Jane & Jane Photography to style a Boys by Girls story. Boys by Girls is an annual publication that combines men’s fashion and portraiture from a females perspective, you can read about it here
I’m really happy about how this shoot turned out and I am really excited to work with these girls again they are so talented! They recently had a revue written about them and it outlines exactly what to expect from these twin photographers.

Also you can check out the full story here The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep

Thanks for Reading, it’s makes this gals day 🙂

– Casey Jane

Some tunes for your Monday

Night Beds – 22
Pickwick – Hacienda Motel
Wildlife Control – Disguise










This shoot was done back in the winter, remember that awful season? Seems so long ago but realistically it’s only 2 months behind us. The model is named Marta and she was so outgoing and sexy, she really made the whole day feel like a rock song. I love dressing models that get excited by the outfits I choose, that’s one of the reasons I love styling so much. You get to see clothing change a person, their mood, their posture, even the way they walk and talk can instantly change once you put them in an outfit. I love seeing confidence fill a model and Marta embodied that in this shoot, last time I spoke with her she was in Paris modelling, I really hope she goes far.
The makeup was done by Amanda Blair Roberson who is extremely hard working, passionate, and the sweetest person ever! I love working with her, such a positive lady and a driven one at that. The photographer Patrick Lacsina who I’ve worked on a bunch of creatives with is another creative driven individual. When I first started testing and building my book Patrick was the one photographer that helped me gain my footing, Im really grateful for working with him, I learned a lot about planning out a concept, curating a story, and executing it.
I’ve still got a bunch to learn but I’m really proud of my work especially when it gets published, it’s kinda like getting a gold star in kindergarten, makes you feel special, like your on the right path.

This story has been published in ZEPHYR Magazine just click the link and you can either purchase the magazine online or request a hard copy.

Thanks for reading and supporting all us creative people, I really love you for it 🙂 also if you are into Instagram you can follow me @sailorparc and see all my day to day shenanigans!

Happy Tuesday Loves

– Casey Jane

The Little Backseat Driver

Last week was a snag, like when your running to catch a train and your skirt gets caught on something and stops you dead. By Thursday I had ripped the metaphorical skirt in half and was sent flying into said on coming train. Friday morning I felt heavy, I felt guilty that I let myself take a backseat and that dangerous little Casey took over the wheel. My mum constantly uses this analogy when I’m being a little too…reckless with myself, she says “Your letting little Casey take the wheel again, get her in the back seat”. I think reckless is a little strong of a word but the analogy is spot on, I think we are constantly at battle with ourselves as artists, as mid 20 year olds, and some days are easier to stay on track then others.
A lot of my friends are going through something right now, whether it be a new job, a break up, a huge life decision, or questioning their purpose in life. I think 2013 is a shift year where a lot of people are getting their lives turned upside down. We all seem to be running from something, hiding out in bars thinking maybe it won’t find us there, submersing ourselves in social delights until the morning comes and we all find that something staring us in the face.
Your not alone.
The only advice that I can muster up is listen to yourself, take a time out, sit in a park and just be with yourself. I’m bad at taking breaks from being around people, I’m still struggling with being alone, mainly because I don’t want to hear my current reality and I’m hoping it’ll just fix itself…worst thing to think. You only have yourself and your the only one who can change your minds avoidance of itself, take time to ask yourself the hard questions and don’t let that bastard fear get in the way. I’ve let fear control far too many years of my life, I learned the hard way of what happens when you allow fear to dictate where your life is going.
I had a huge awakening on Friday, life is hard work, never mind our jobs, relationships, just dealing with the inner you, the one no one hears. Don’t ever ignore yourself, remember that you are the one that drives you and if your fighting to ignore it then I’m sorry to say you will continue walking figure eights. If you don’t get to know yourself, from what I’ve learned, you’ll never have the capacity to really know anyone else, everything will seem at a distance until you break into your own wall.

I don’t know if my readers take away from all this ranting of mine but I do hope, at the very least, that you find something relatable, that was my main goal for this blog. I want to share my life, not just the pretty side, I always hated when people would come up to me and say “wow your life seems so amazing and exciting, I wish it was that easy for me” it’s NOT easy and with today’s social media we paint a pretty different picture of ourselves. I work really hard, I sacrificed and lost a lot, I still get down on myself and I definitely still fuck up. However that’s life and I never wanted to be a person that boasted about having it all together, I don’t and I never will because ill always be learning to be better then I was, am, and will be.

Also I wanted to share a huge moment for a best friend of mine Andrew Gooding, he had his thesis show last Thursday and is now trying to become freelance as an illustrator. I’m so proud of him, he had a lot of “forks in the road” during his degree but he always came back to the grind. You can find his website here and below are two of his pieces from his thesis project.

Happy Sunday Lovelies

-Casey Jane