Fashion Week, Freelancing, and Photoshoots







I’m back! It’s been about a week since my last post and I’ve been on overdrive both physically and emotionally. Toronto fashion week seems like a blur this time around, my favourite show was Pink Tartan, the design statements that walked down the runway for Fall/Winter 2013 were stunning and inspiring. I love the atmosphere of being at a fashion show, I usually have a big dumb smile on my face for most of the shows I go to, I can’t help it, it’s like seeing a rock concert for me.
I also had a shoot to style over the weekend with twin photographers, yes they are identical and extremely fascinating to watch.They obviously have an inner working with each other, seeing the way they would both juggling the camera back and forth, sometimes they wouldn’t even speak and just tap one another on the shoulder and pass back the camera to get the right angle. I loved working with them, not to mention our extremely handsome model David who literally just had to sit on a rock and the whole landscape lite up!
I will have a full spread to post once the photos are finalized and released, I’m so excited to see this shoot as we all worked really hard on it. I styled the shoot based on images of classic writers and poets ( Hemingway, Kerouac, Ginsberg) and also took from forests, woodland clearings, and isolated locations.
Oh! I almost forgot I also got excepted into NABET which is Toronto’s Film and Television union. I realized that in order to grow your skills you really have to work everywhere, I’m excited to start styling and buying for television and film. The work scares me but I’m also really driven to make a name for myself in this industry, I mean my background training started with the stage and theatre so it’ll be fun to feel that energy again.
Alright that’s enough from me for today, ill be back more this week with some inspiration boards, style picks and wants, and of course the always entertaining (I hope) rant and rave from yours truly, I’m sure by mid week ill have something to rant about.

Thanks for reading Lovelies
Also you should check out these two photographers Bri + Britt from Jane & Jane Photography, I’m hoping to work with them a lot more in the future.

Happy Monday!

– Casey Jane


Ho Hum








I’m at two weeks until my move out date, still no apartment, I’ve been so busy with work that I’ve barely had time to comprehend how fast time is going. Last week I worked myself too hard on trying to complete everything in my life at once, so naturally, I had a Nutella and Kleenex night. I am not a pretty cryer, I look like a drowned mouse. The next morning I woke up and went for a long run to clear my head, it’s amazing how good taking a bit of time for yourself feels. I came home and sat down with my journal and a cup of tea and wrote out my current reality, where was I and what could I realistically do to move it forward.
Reality sucks sometimes, it’s not an easy thing to bring to light, but once you face it you can come up with ways to change it. I decided that I need to be patient with finding the right apartment, what’s the use in moving in somewhere last minute just to be in a place. I want my next place to be somewhere I stay for awhile, I’m a house cat and so for me that apartment will be a huge part of my life.
Good things come to those who wait, yikes, I never thought I would be quoting that line, my mum used to say that to me when I’d want something immediately, usually food related.
Anyway so in two weeks time all my belongings will be put into storage, I will become “girl on the couch” at my mums place and patiently look for my apartment in Roncevalles.
April is looking like a busy month and I’ve got Toronto Fashion Week starting tomorrow, crazy deadlines and lots of networking. I love seeing the shows, there’s something very cool about sharing a space with Toronto’s fashion enthusiasts.

I hope your all having a great Sunday, I’m off to make pumpkin spice pancakes and take the pup for a long walk along the beach.

– Casey Jane

Sunday Tunes

Islands – This is not a song
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In the open
The Lumineers – Dead Sea

Apartment Hunting & Styling









This has been my life since I’ve gotten back from a much needed vacation, it’s been quiet at times but I haven’t had one day where I didn’t have something to get done. I’m running almost everyday again with Tobi frolicking at my side, I think he bounds more then frolics. I have five styling shoots this month which is amazing but also takes a lot of planning and time. I’ve been making mood boards all over the walls of my bedroom, I find when I surround myself with them the ideas become more natural and embedded in my head. I love working and creating a shoot, it’s a process that I am getting better and better at and it’s nice to know that I am progressing.
The rest of the week has been dedicated to apartment hunting…and it’s slowly driving me crazy. I went and saw a place at the beginning of the week, it was in a building off of Roncevalles which is the area I really want to live in. I had walked by this building everyday when I lived in parkdale a few years ago, I imagined myself living there, I built it up in my head for a long time. Obviously when I saw the apartment, even if it was on the small side, I had to have it. I forgot one rule about finding and getting an apartment, if you really want it you have to be prepared. I didn’t bother to bring my reference letters, or cash, or well anything, alI I had was a pen to sign the application form. I got so worked up about seeing the place I forgot that their might be someone else interested in it…and there was, there was A LOT of people.
A girl around my age happily gave the man showing the place all her paper work and a cash deposit , my heart sank and I must have walked ten city blocks to keep myself from breaking down. I went home and sulked in my kitchen with a glass of wine for the rest of the night, I couldn’t believe that the apartment of “my dreams” had been taken away by someone else. I woke up the next morning feeling silly about how I acted, of course I didn’t get the place, I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t put anything in place in order to get it. I had to let it go and move on, it clearly was not meant to be and I tried to fight for something that wasn’t going to happen.
I know my little apartment is out there somewhere, it’s tough in this city to find a decent place that’s dog friendly and in the neighbourhood I want, but I’m determined to find a home for Tobi and I. The two things I learned from all this is be prepared, have all your ducks in a row and your head in the right space, being objective is so important with finding a place that your going to come home to everyday. Another thing is to know when to let go, know when it’s not your fight, see when it really is not for you and just walk away from it and move on.
I’m taking a break from searching today, I’m going to go for a long walk with Tobi, chai latte in hand and enjoy my neighbourhood before I can’t just walk out my door to the beach. I need to get back to living in the moment and today seems like the best day to start.

Happy Sunday Lovelies

Here are some Sunday Tunes
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Mature Themes – Baby
The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses
Amy Stoup & Trent Dabbs – Odds of Being Alone
Discipleship – Teen Daze

Back from Abroad







I’m back! After a much needed mental regrouping and break from the madness that is winter I’m recharged. I feel like I gained a new appreciation for my life while staying on my fathers boat in Grenada for 14 days, who wouldn’t right?
I got to slow myself down and not feel guilty about it, something that I used to do a lot before I left, there was always this sense of urgency that I created in my everyday and it only caused stressed and A Lot of mild breakdowns. I got to take each day at a time, each moment and really appreciate myself and how far I’ve come in the last little while. Speaking with strangers I realized how aware I am and how much I’ve learned and taught myself…sometimes you just need to step back from yourself and really look at the whole picture with new eyes.
I did yoga twice a week with my dad at a beautiful yacht club that was located in a valley, I ate the most amazing local food like sea eggs (sounds gross but it’s like a super rich sloppy joe). I learned a lot from all the ex pats that now live on their boats full time, and best of all I got to spend a lot of one on one time with my Dad.
What’s next?
I’m back on Apartment hunting for a 2 bedroom for my best friend Branko and I that is becoming a full time job. Toronto is extremely hard to find a decent place so it takes a lot of effort and time, I’m positive though that we will find the right space for us and the dog, I visualize it every morning with all my needs and some wants.
I have my driving test coming up…yea I know I’m 25 and still don’t have a driving licence but I’m quite confident ill pass with flying colours, I’m an extremely cautious driver and I keep in mind that everyone on the road is secretly trying to kill me, whatever helps me to check my mirrors constantly.
I also have a few styling projects coming up which I will share here once they get under way. Its also fashion week in Toronto at the end of this month and I’m sure to be there running around, networking and taking in shows.

I’m happy to get back to creating my ideal life!
Thanks for reading!

– Casey Jane