Thankful, grateful…all that stuff






I can’t say this Christmas was the best, it wasn’t, it’s been a hard December that has made me realize how much I don’t know what I want for myself. What was amazing about this Christmas is how many people I have that love and support me. I can’t tell you how blown away I am at all my wonderful friends, they love me unconditionally, they support everything I do, and they will answer my late night phone calls whenever I need them.
I love my friends and family, that’s what this Christmas was about, feeling that special bond with all of them.
I’m making lists for 2013 and I’m projecting it to be the best year of my life, pretty bold statement I know, but the key is to write out things that will help make that statement true. Little steps that will inevitably make up the end result of greatness, it’s like building yourself a road map and sticking to it. I’m going to post the list closer to New Years so that I have a published record of my goals, also for my readers, I hope it inspires you guys to make your own list.
It’s really important that I make this list as I need to make a lot of changes in my life for the better of course. I want to start building my career, work hard and learn lots, I want to do more things for myself that will enrich my life, I want to make lasting memories with my friends, and I want to spend more time exploring my cities art and culture scene.
What are your goals for 2013 now that the world isn’t going to end…phew
Above are a few photos of last week, one amazing creme brûlée made by my friend Xan who surprised his girlfriend (my best friend) Meghan with a huge dinner with all her closest friends, they are both pretty lucky to have one another. The others are my attempt to run in a Canadian winter which worked out until today when I woke up to a foot of snow…I have my limits. And last is my mums adorable Charlie Brown Christmas tree that she got me to “Style” for our Christmas dinner. My mum made an amazing meal, she is indeed one of the most important people in my life, she constantly gives me love and guidance even when I don’t want to hear it, so thanks for being you mum. Xoxo

-Casey Jane


My Unrealistic Christmas List

We all have Christmas lists or at least an idea of what would be nice to get this year under the old pine tree. I however always like to make a crazy over the top wish list of things unrealistic but I still get to pretend that Santa is a real guy and will raid my fridge and leave an authentic Persian rug under my adorned house plant.

I’d be happy with any dress form but this is over the top so I picked this vintage mental and wood version.


Ashley Percival Bird life Illustrations for my bedroom or living room, basically every room.


When I think Christmas I think Scandinavian Furniture…not really I just want all of these things in my place.

These I may actually get myself for Christmas, or Santa, ya know, if your in the neighbourhood.

Cable knit duvet cover and throw…ya ill wish for that

I’ve been thinking about getting back into ballet, I think this is more a goal then a gift but I would love to start taking classes again.

I need a haircut…


Living room I’ve found your soulmate

I would settle for a wooden one over the real thing there’s something weird about a real deer head in an apartment with 10ft ceilings.

So there is my over the top Christmas list, I don’t mind if I get one of these things because realistically over the holidays I just want to drink wine with my friends, eat good food with my family and be happy that I have a roof over my head.
Oh! I’ve reach day 24 in my mile a day challenge, it’s supposed to be over on New Years but I think I’m going to keep going, obviously this time having rest days. I would recommend anyone in a rut, emotional trap, or just needed some motivation to try this challenge. Anyone can do it at anytime, just put a date on your calendar of when you’ll start and your end date, it can be a month or three if you like. This challenge has defiantly helped enrich my life, the best part is I know have a great daily routine for myself and for my dog Tobi, he’s been such a great partner through all this.

Happy Holidays to all you lovely readers

– Casey Jane

How Time Runs







It’s been a wild couple weeks and funny enough I don’t have much to say, life’s crazy. I’m on day 18 of the mile a day challenge and the past two days I’ve hit 2.35 miles, so that’s pretty cool. The next little while Ill be preparing for some very big changes and opportunities coming my way. I wrote out some big goals for 2013 so I’m hoping I can accomplish all of them, it’s so rewarding looking back at my 2012 goals and seeing all the big ones I have accomplished.

Ill be back soon with a little more content oriented posts, I’m just a little lost for words at the moment.

Happy Friday!

-Casey Jane

The Casual Vacancy…between my ears



I’m going to keep this short because I really don’t like posting negative feedback or rambling on about something I dislike. Last month I started reading J.K Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy, which apparently took her 5 years to write and publish. I had high hopes, I mean who wouldn’t from a writer that has built an empire around a magical series and who is an amazing story teller. Unfortunately I was sadly disappointed, this book was one of the most stagnant, miserable, and boring books I’ve read in a long time…to be honest I still have 20 pages left and I’m loathing it. Every time I put the book down I felt awful, depressed, and angry, I never wanted to pick it up again but I did, call it determination or stubborn to finish what I started.
The book is about a small town called Pagford and every inhabitant is miserable and drab in their own unique way. It’s starts off with a man called Barry Fairbrother whom is on the small towns council, he suddenly drops dead which sends the town into a scramble for his council seat. From then on, nothing really happens other then a mysterious ghost writer starts posting on the council website about everyone’s dirty little secrets.
I guess I just had high expectations and realistically J.K Rowling did what she wanted to do, provoke and ignite people. Here I am talking about the book, I took the time to write this shitty review, and why? Why didn’t I just toss it in the garbage or donate it? Why night after night did I subject myself to its pathetically boring chapters and characters that made me want to hit them with a shovel? Because J.K Rowling is a gifted writer and I respect her even if her first adult book made me want to white out some chapters and throw in some sex scenes or a gator rampage.

I’m not saying don’t read the book, it’s my personal opinion that this book is like listening to two old ladies gossiping in a library.

Ill let you decide.

-Casey Jane