Rainy Saturday + Writing = Cabin Fever

Shirt – H&M, Jeans – H&M, Messy Bun Tutorial Here

Its been raining here a lot this week which has had me exploring the great indoors, the days have felt moody and like everything has its own echo. I’ve been home working on assignments, launching my online store, and house chores that needed serious attention. I’ve spent most of the week, during the day at least, on my own developing designs, writing emails, and most of all figuring out my purpose and core values. Having a purpose is the most important thing when staring a business, especially when that business is creative and artistic.
One of the things people don’t tell you about when your out on your own, trying to make a name for yourself is how lonely it can be. I think it is the deal breaker for most people, it’s not easy having to face everything on your own and be 100% accountable for absolutely everything that happens to you. It sounds easy but once you throw yourself…well at yourself and away from the normal, safe surroundings it begins to really challenge you to push and fight for The-Why-I-Am-Doing-This answer.
I still struggle with this, it is getting better and I know in the long run the payoff will be well worth it, but seriously its insanely quiet some days. Hopefully over the next couple days I can squeeze in some wine best pal time, date nights, and my always favorite dinner parties.

Happy Saturday, What do you do on rainy days?

-Sailor Parc

P.S Here are some rainy day songs for you

Skinny Love  – Bon Iver
Lost In The Light – Bahamas
I’m A Fool To Want You – Billy Holiday
It Ain’t Me Babe – Fleet Foxes
Old Pine – Ben Howard
Oh My God, It Still Means A lot To Me – Wooden Sky


I Want Whiskey

Sir Tobi at his best

I bet you’re wondering why the title is “I want whiskey”, it’s because I’ve had one of those days when only whiskey will fix the day. I have recently been really, and I mean REALLY good with money. Naturally with taking two months off money does go, especially when you are buying supplies, fabric, paying cell phone bills, and just living. I knew this day would come where I would have to hit the streets and find part-time work to keep this whole life operation going.
Its frustrating when I have so many ideas and designs I want to create but not have the funds to put them in motion anymore…the gravy train has left my station. Being my own sugar daddy is indeed over and I must say goodbye to living the creative dream of sitting in my PJs’ sewing crop tops all day. Its Okay though, I’ll survive and continue to work like crazy at this business while possibly teaching toddlers to swim or serving coffee yet again.
*Quick note I am a certified swim instructor and lifeguard I don’t just hang around the beach offering swim advice to young children.
I will move on from today’s worries and strife! I will hold my head high I forget that I accidentally brought home a french passport form, then I spent 2 hours trying to find my lifeguard certs when they were in my wallet the whole time. I will be back next week with a style post and a DIY project that will be much more exciting than me ranting about white people problems. Seriously these are not by any means HUGE issues…I’m just being a child.

Here’s another picture of my dog sleeping in human positions…

I call this one “The Old Man”

-Sailor Parc