The Return of the Well Dressed Woman Child







I know what you’re thinking, where the fuck has this woman been?

Why the hell did she stop writing?
Did she lose her fingers in a bar fight?
Did she take off to join an artist cult in the Nevada Desert?
Did she start prostituting like she always joked about?

Thankfully it was none of these things, although joining an artist cult for the past 6 months would have made for a better intro. In all honesty, I was burnt out and had recently joined the semi corporate world. It was one of those moments where I thought about where I was and really didn’t want to write about it. That should have been a red flag, maybe this wasn’t the best idea if I was so quick to walk away from everything for a pay increase. To have a job that could get me out of debt and give me a little balanced breathing room for awhile.

Unfortunately you can’t really put passion in a closet for too long, it’ll break out, tie you to a chair and hold a gun to your head until you promise it doesn’t have to go back in there.

Passion was behind me pushing to work on any creative project outside my job description. Passion was behind me taking vacation time to work on a campaign as a Stylist. That aggressive loud mouth passion that lives inside me slowly broke free and made it so obviously I wasn’t meant to be an administrative assistant.


It was fucking ADORABLE!

Luckily I’m not an asshole, I try my best and people see that. I really cherry picked my accomplishments and actually got to work on some pretty amazing creative projects. It only happened because I’m so incredibly persistent (stubborn as fuck) and make use of every artistic opportunity (meaning I acted like a desperate housewife at a pool boy convention). That being said I happily waved goodbye to the 9-5 office life, locked and loaded with more experience. Its a fucking wacky time being in the business world, I don’t know how people do it, I mean I understand it but for me I always felt like I was outside looking in.

I felt like I was holding the red stapler in an Office Space dream, until I inevitably burnt down the building.


I didn’t literally burn down my old office.
I felt compelled to really make that point clear.

Everything else in my life is still the abnormal hilarity its always been. Im sure you all remember the girls, Kmo, Meghan. Benoit and Cat. Their still ridiculous, we’re still finding Kmo passed out in strange places and we’re still drawing dicks on her while she’s passed out.
Meghan got married, so that was fucking real, oh and drunk…



You can expect more dress up nights to be written as winter is coming. Naturally Canadian women turn into the hibernating bear equivalent. Red wine lipped hermits, although we tend to hermit in groups, more wine available that way. I’m also starting a youtube series that the girls will be making cameo appearances in. I’m going to try and create as much as I can in the next little while. I never really had to try hard to find funny things to write about on this blog, it all just naturally happened.

So welcome back to the story of my life, the ever expansive tale of trial and error.

Come on, you missed me like Oprah misses her dogs, you know she flies them on a private jet?
That shit is insane.


Glad to be back lovelies.


The Paper Kites – Electric Indigo

City & Colour – Killing Time

Adele – Hello

The Constantines – Soon Enough

Deerhunter – All The Same


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