The Night Casey Jane Entered Stage Left and The Symphony Was Drunk.

unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)SMASH…

Enter stage left Ms Casey Jane sauntering into a bar after drinking a reverends wife’s yearly supply of wine. Thats 2 bottles and a magnum if you are wondering.The magnum is only when she holds her yearly Tupperware party with the ladies from her knitting club. Agnes is a REAL lush bag when they get into a biblical debate.We however drank all this before midnight, I even wore heels. Mainly because I wore them all day with no socks and didn’t want to alert the authorities that a dead body had been dumped on Queen West.

Entourage enters stage left consisting of one life partner named Justin Edwards. My incredible gay go getter that makes me feel like I’m fucking queen of the world, I also occasionally buy him brunch.
Its a rule between gay/straight life partners.
He took to the party like a conductor at a symphony and left on a man hunt faster than the road runner did when the coyote was getting too close. He’s also designing my apartment so he’s pretty much the full package and he’s mine you cant have him!

Our love is immaculate.

Anyway, I walked in thinking I would spend my time yelling derogatory slurs at my bar tending roommate. I thought I would sit down next to Meghan and get slapped and told how much she loved me. Hell I thought I would end up hammered in front of my oven cursing at it to make my pizza pockets faster.

And then, as if it was as natural as anything I sat down next to him.

Have you ever forgotten something? Like completely? Then out of the blue someone says something, shows you something or just is something and you wonder how you ever forgot it?

Funny isn’t it.

Over on Berkeley St I’ve become in love with putting my key in the door of my office every morning. Turning on the music, the lights, and now that spring is here opening the door to let the long awaited breeze flow in. The guys play fooseball late afternoon while the girls sit around our lounge area talking about escorts and prostitutes over lunch. We’re an amazing bunch that are creating extremely great work. The prostitute conversation expanded because of a mutual love for Pretty Woman, I mean Richard Gere…
I’d totally allow kissing.

Creative meetings, pitches, hallway conversations, conference calls filled with laughing and ideas. Our office is alive and I couldn’t be happier with where I am in life right now.

The homestead is still filled with the insanities of Casey and Tim trying to adult. We found out we have mice, so thats been fun. I keep naming them and then making a personal relationship with them, only I hate them.

Its hate.

Its a hate relationship.

Fred’s the worst cause he just sits in my kitchen staring at me like a smug fuck head.

The girls and I spent saturday getting day drunk and going to our friend Evely’s birthday party. We met for brunch and after the waitress feared we were getting sober poured us each a glass of wine all the way to the top. We ended up buying a birthday present consisting of a plant named Stuart McDick, a bouquet of Pussy Willows and a 4L box of white wine.

Looking back on it now its not a surprise the three of us ended up in a kiddy park trying to drive pedal cars…

Thats what the warm weather brings around here, well not belligerent females defacing a children’s playground. It just brings out life a little more, it brings people together longer and more intimate. My heart sings a lot louder when the sun hits my face when I crash out of my apartment at the start of the day. Warm weather means later nights in parks, longer sits on patios and backyard get togethers that make me you smile from the inside out. It also reminds me every single day I open my deer in headlight eyes that…

I am one lucky fucking bitch.

Spring is here Toronto.

Thanks for reading loves.


Lord Huron – Meet Me In The Woods  My favourite album right now, in the words of my dear Kmo “Its my fucking favourite.”

Andy Shauf – Hometown Hero

Lord Huron – Luisa         Again, My fucking favourite.

Leon Bridges – River

Father John Misty – When You’re Smiling and Astride Me

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – American Beauty 


Flapper Girls


Being apart of a group of friends is like constantly having a VIP pass to the best comedy show, the best party, and the most amazing event I could possibly be invited to. I really couldn’t think about what life would be like if I didn’t have them, I’m sure a lot of you can relate and I bet you instantly had your best pals pop into your head while reading this. I’m very lucky because I’ve had the same close group for over eleven years now…fuck girls we’re gettin old.
My life has had a lot of amazing people be apart of it, some come and go, some have stayed, and some have passed through leaving me speechless. I admire and remember everyone of them, I may have a selective memory but when it comes to people who spark something, well I never forget them. The ones that stuck around, the women mainly, I only have one dear man that’s stuck with me through the years, but those people, well if any of them showed up at my door with a body in their trunk…I’d grab a 26er of Sailor Jerry and a shovel.
This year has been full of change, if you follow this little blog you’ll know exactly how much my life has been flipped upside down. My friends are no exception, and ya I know, it’s life, shit happens but 2013 has been an extremely significant year that I won’t forget. All of us have had heart break, job losses, career changes, accomplishments, failures, identity crisis’s, and a whole lot more. It’s made us closer and made us become the people we want to be, even if we don’t know it yet. Through it all we’ve always had each other, speed dial with a instant pick up, car rides to come save the day, and hangouts over too much wine…seriously it’s embarrassing how many bottles my group can plough through.
So when your snot nosed, puffy eyed and feeling like hitting the bottle harder then Amy Winehouse on a Monday, call your friends, the best ones will be there with open arms. They are the ones that will be there for the rest of your life, they are the ones that will push you to succeed, and the ones that will always love you. Even when I’m being an asshole, I’m short tempered and frustrated, I feel like an insane lunatic, I call my friends and suddenly I feel ok…even normal, well that’s a stretch.

So today if you haven’t told your friends how much they mean to you I suggest doing so because they are your flapper girls ready to perform in front of the world with you. And to my dearest ladies and my gent Branko, I absolutely have the biggest crush on all of you and you make me understand myself more and more everyday.

Insert sappy songs here…oh wait
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home
The Lumineers – Flapper Girl
Jake Bugg – Two Fingers
Haim – Falling

That’s all from me today, I’m currently working on a Dentyne Ice commercial and a couple creatives, one involving my dad which I will share in the near future. Also if anyone watches The Food Network, Slice, Showcase, or HGTV my Tylenol commercial has apparently aired as well 🙂

Happy Friday My Loves!!!

– Casey Jane


Head to Toe

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite online shops, I hate malls, they make me hyperventilate. I know that’s odd coming from a city girl but I just can’t relax and let my styling membranes go to work in a riot that is the mall. I prefer sitting down in my jam jams and exploring online shops personally, I mean what if you have to fart?
Im lucky because I am built like a 14 year old boy, anything from a spandex onsie to a organic cotton moo moo I’m pretty sure will fit just fine. Thanks to my mum for the Irish potato famine body type, but every online shop has a handy sizing chart if you are blessed with curves and boobs. I usually keep a seamstress measuring tape on hand just in case I want to double check that I won’t be strangled by little black dress…models seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

This amazing long sleeve horse print cape shirt is defiantly a pick for my wardrobe! I found this at

Cozy cozy sweater from Emerging Thoughts Emerging Thoughts

Onsie lovin, I have a crazy obsession with this company from Richmond Virginia called Need and Supply Co. I could drop crazy dollars at this shop without even trying. Need and Supply Co

Again another Need and Supply Co item that is beautifully made by Collina Strada Collina Strada

Gotta have these shades, it’s like Steve Erkel had a baby with Ray Ban! these shades

This shmock makes me very happy, I could paint, eat ice cream, and do jumping jacks all while wearing this Carla Dress Blurred by Stine GoyaCarla Dress

Well there you have it folks (mainly ones with vaginas) these shops will not disappoint I assure you. Also be sure to read all the shops shipping and about pages, it’s always nice to know where you clothing is coming from and how the company feels about its place in the market. It’s always a plus for me to find a shop that supports independent companies that pride themselves on making clothing in house.

Happy Wednesday darlings

-Sailor Parc