Drops of Jupiter & My Letter to T Swift

There I go again, abondoning you, taking away that stupid blog you read about a girl that shares her life more than most people would like. 

How could I be such a tease, like vegan brownies. They look good but taste like if dirt had an asshole. 

Life’s been no short of a shit storm, changes are just slapping me in the face and I kinda like it. I finally crawled out of my living room and managed to get hired at a marketing and advertising agency. 


How the fuck did I pull that off? Being relentless and not settling for a job that wasn’t going to move me forward. Some of my friends will call me stubborn, and they are right. I’m the mule that will kick you if you try and move me anywhere I don’t want to go but I will lick your face after. 

There’s no real reason behind me licking your face…

In friendship land Tim has been a king amongst men during my slow climb towards an adulthood lifestyle. Our place is still non stop profanities and hilarity. 

Last weekend I hung out with Tim while he Dj’d a funk party in Kensington market. We priviously had dinner that consisted of many drinks, yours truly crushed a bottle of Spanish wine to herself. This lead to me making a VERY wine lipped video of myself singing to Train “Drops of Jupiter” while Tim was in the shower. I met Tim later as I needed to shower the early drunk off me and up my hydration levels. 

I like arriving to a bar tipsy so as not to draw attention to myself too soon. Well alone at least, if I’m with the girls it’s anyone’s bet the level of drunk we’ve reached. 

Anyway so there I am doing drink runs for Tim and myself dancing with strangers and making fun of 20 year olds trying to grind to funk music. The end of the night came pretty quick and we invited a few people over. 

It gets hazy here but stay with me.

I remember I was flying between my room and the living room talking to everyone. I might have told off one of Tims aquaintinces for asking me where he could do coke. I MIGHT have put my hand in his face and walked out of my room, I MIGHT have.

Quickly afte that I went and passed out on Tim which made him have to carry me to bed. On the way to my room I apparently decided this was the best time to do a scissor kick. Tim dropped me, obviously, I was like a drunk deer trying to escape from absolutely nothing. I hit the floor and rolled over to face Tim with one eye open and said


We both started laughing as he finally got me in bed where I then made him cuddle me until I passed out. 


I’m back to being the lovely single piece of work I’ve grown to prefer. I don’t know if it’s me or who I choose to date or just a random sequence of events but a relationship still isn’t on the board for me. 

Which leads me to my discovery of the new Taylor Swift 1989 album that just got released. Two summers ago I had the privilege to work for T Swift at the Rogers centre for her Red tour. I did wardrobe and at the time I was gloriously single and creating dramatic romances in my off time boredom. I didn’t spend much time with the girl but we shared a moment backstage. I gabbed about my sex life with her dancers, I don’t doubt she listened in. 

Now I’m listening to this album and start seeing that indeed T Swift has stolen my sex life chronicals. Let’s be real, she’s always been the girl next door, the sweet dreamer, and the highly emotional. Maybe she was just drawing a blank on her regular sweet romance songs. Regardless I have written Ms Swift a letter to ask for royalties for my life rights that I believe I deserve. 

Note: You might want to listening to the songs ‘Blank Space” and “Style” before reading this letter. 

Hey T Swift, 

How’s that new hairstyle working for you? I guess the bangs got kinda annoying after awhile, specially after I kept getting mistaken for you backstage.  You were cool about it though, you were even inviting and we let loose and shared relationship delemas. Member that long list of ex lovers I shared while helping you into that ball gown? The suit and ties I was running around with and how a couple of them used to proclaim often that I was insane? 

Loves a game huh? Bitch I taught you that game when you sent your bouncer out to get us cigarettes and weed. 

No Taylor, the worst has come and I am completely dumbfounded you turned my ongoing midnight male meet up into the pop dream that is “Style”.  It’s nothing new that every single girl has that one James Dean type that just shows up out of the blue every now and then. You know, the one you can’t not go home with even if you want to punch them for not calling you for months. I just don’t think you have it in you T Swift to pull something like this off without falling into a tub of ice cream in your unicorn pjs. 

Yes I know about the unicorn pjs.

So I’d  like my royalties made out in cash please. There’s no need to get dramatic about it, I get it, my stories are ridiculous inspirations for pop songs. I didn’t ask for this life but I’m living it out the best I can. 

You can keep the selfies I took with your phone, they are just of me on the toilet. 

Hang in there T Swift, one day you’ll be the harlequin you so badly want to be. Just ask Lindsey Lohan, I did wonders for her aside from being a drug hoovering crack bag. 

Your Bae, Casey Jane. 

Thanks for reading loves, I’ll be back more frequently. 


Lonely City








Now this is going to seem like a complete switch from my post earlier this week (read here) but don’t take the title as a bad thing. When I started freelancing and left my “normal” day job I struggled with being alone, father down the line I became single and had to deal with being completely alone. It was, and still is a hard thing to get used to, however I’ve learned that if your not comfortable with yourself then your really never comfortable.
A photographer friend of mine who has recently become freelance was expressing the frustration of being on everyone’s opposite schedule. It’s tough because while everyone else is working 9 to 5 you are either sitting at a cafe planning out your shoot weeks, pre shoot buying and curating, or on set until the wee hours of the morning. I know for me during the week all my friends are in bed by 10pm (except for when I can convince them to sleep when their dead).
It’s a lonely transition but I’ve certainly become a lot more comfortable and happy with being alone, I have my bad days still and that’s fine. I work through them, I write and journal where I ask myself questions that I normally, on the go, wouldn’t bring up with myself. I take myself out to lunch or dinner and catch up on reading, I try and not distract myself with my cell phone, and I exercise or run to keep my head clear. The main thing is to constantly be aware of yourself, being alone can be a negative if you just sit around and think about sad things, or lonely, or self destructive thoughts of “I should be doing this” or “Everyone else is happier because” these types of thoughts are Napalm for your mind.
Stay positive, embrace the beauty of just being one and that you are doing everything for yourself. Being in Styling has shown me all the amazing creative people that are doing the same thing, embracing loneliness because of a passion for themselves. My mentor told me once that we are forever alone in our body so why not make it a happy and comfortable place to be? That’s just it, once I realized that I’m always alone in my life and that nobody will change it, live it, and feel it for me, that’s when I decided to go for my passions in life and stop being afraid.
Like I said, I still get frustrated, sad, and negative but I try and stay aware of those feelings and work through them so that my creative work stays positive. Just know that you are 100% in charge of your life and it’s nobodies fault but your own if you are unhappy, you can always change what is bad to good, you just have to want it for yourself.

Happy Friday Lovelies

– Casey Jane

Friday Tunes

Neil Young – Harvest Moon
Feist – Lonely Lonely
Wilco – Far Far Away

This is from a comedy show called The Short Notice show that I went to this week, if your in Toronto I suggest looking them up on Facebook and coming to the next one, you’ll laugh your face off.

Stylist Dreaming







Lately I’ve been collecting images that resemble my needs right now, my feelings, all that deep poetic stuff that makes me seem more artistically inspired then I am. Lets face it, it’s cold outside and grey, all I want to do is pack my bags for LA and never look back…but this isn’t a Jack Kerouac book and I have things to do.
I find gathering pictures help me get an idea of what I want surrounding me. It motivates me to get going on the life list and create those images for myself.
A career in fashion seems to be the only thing on my mind right now, making that leap to a full time position in the field that makes me complete and fulfilled. Chasing and hunting down my ideal job is daunting, it seems impossible sometimes, and I second guess myself. It’s silly because I know how hard I’ve worked and I know where I want to be, its finding where I belong that’s difficult.
Regardless I’ll catch that career soon enough, fashion is forever changing and moving forward. I’ll have to mimic that momentum over the next little while.
Off topic, whatever topic all that rambling was. My Website is launched and working like a dream! My friend Kate designed it for me and now I have one place for my portfolio, my shop, and my blog! Mission accomplished, I could not have gotten that done without Kate, she gets free jewelry and clothing for life! Xoxo
Check out the site, I’d love to hear feedback.
Just click here

Happy Hump Day


Casey Jane

All pictures found on Pinterest

Head to Toe

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite online shops, I hate malls, they make me hyperventilate. I know that’s odd coming from a city girl but I just can’t relax and let my styling membranes go to work in a riot that is the mall. I prefer sitting down in my jam jams and exploring online shops personally, I mean what if you have to fart?
Im lucky because I am built like a 14 year old boy, anything from a spandex onsie to a organic cotton moo moo I’m pretty sure will fit just fine. Thanks to my mum for the Irish potato famine body type, but every online shop has a handy sizing chart if you are blessed with curves and boobs. I usually keep a seamstress measuring tape on hand just in case I want to double check that I won’t be strangled by little black dress…models seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

This amazing long sleeve horse print cape shirt is defiantly a pick for my wardrobe! I found this at Chicwish.com Chicwish.com

Cozy cozy sweater from Emerging Thoughts Emerging Thoughts

Onsie lovin, I have a crazy obsession with this company from Richmond Virginia called Need and Supply Co. I could drop crazy dollars at this shop without even trying. Need and Supply Co

Again another Need and Supply Co item that is beautifully made by Collina Strada Collina Strada

Gotta have these shades, it’s like Steve Erkel had a baby with Ray Ban! these shades

This shmock makes me very happy, I could paint, eat ice cream, and do jumping jacks all while wearing this Carla Dress Blurred by Stine GoyaCarla Dress

Well there you have it folks (mainly ones with vaginas) these shops will not disappoint I assure you. Also be sure to read all the shops shipping and about pages, it’s always nice to know where you clothing is coming from and how the company feels about its place in the market. It’s always a plus for me to find a shop that supports independent companies that pride themselves on making clothing in house.

Happy Wednesday darlings

-Sailor Parc

Its September

Fall is almost here, I’ve spotted a few leaves on the ground and I wore a heavy knit sweater at the cottage. I am in love with autumn, the colours, the mood, the food, and of course the neglect of my workout regime. I’m awaiting the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte like any inner city female and getting my wallet ready to throw up on registers for new boots, hats, bags and the marvelous cable knit sweater hoard! Ah the wonders of a new season all the changes that come about. I for one have new goals, old goals that got transferred over, and new projects that will hopefully move me in the directions I want to go in. Doesn’t September feel like a new year? I know for most people setting goals is for January but I feel like its more productive to start in Fall.

Coming back to my wants and constant shopping addiction I’ve posted some drool inducing must have’s for the coming season and just some inspiration for this lovely season approaching. Let the fur, leather, and contemporary tones begin!

Beanpole Insight Denim Collection from Need and Supply Co.

Tryst Bag by Collina Strada from Need and Supply Co.

Fur jackets, vests and scarves are all things I want in my closet

Vintage Boots, always a must

Pops of color here and there to keep the summer light alive

nothing like soft knits with edgy eel skin tights

Happy Tuesday!

-Sailor Parc

*All photos were taken from Pinterest and Need and Supply Co.

Magazine Internship, Store launching, and August

This weekend we had a big backyard party celebrating my departure with my young twenties, yes, my 25th year. It was so much fun and I got to party with all my best pals around a fire and candle lights. I have a new love of throwing parties and decorating, is that a big nerd alert? I decided that I must do a DIY party post with some ideas I’ve used over the past couple months, and with a wedding coming up in the future it will give me good practice!
This morning was very exciting as I headed across town to my very first internship meeting, it was filled with learning and opportunity. I’m so happy with how this blog is coming and I feel working for this online magazine will really help the content and overall growth of this space. I have a lot of work to do this week with the online shop launching August 7th, internship due dates, blog posts, and finding a new part-time job…I have no idea when I’m going to get to sleep. I am in laundry hell at the moment and ready to do more chores around the house and prep myself for a very big meeting tomorrow with someone very high up in the Toronto fashion scene.
Here are a few snap shots of my Monday outfit which worked as a great comfortable meeting combo and doubled as a work around the house comfy ensemble. I know I amaze myself sometimes at ability to be lazy and classy at the same time, I hope this gift follows me until I’m in my 90’s.

Sunnies – Forever 21, Shirt – Suzy Sheer, Maxi Skirt – Jolie, Necklace – Sailor Parc Co. Earrings – Thrifted, Bracelets – Sailor Parc Co

Hope you all have a great Monday and don’t be afraid to leave me comments, I’d love to hear some feedback and more of what you would like to read about here.

-Sailor Parc