The Night Casey Jane Entered Stage Left and The Symphony Was Drunk.

unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)SMASH…

Enter stage left Ms Casey Jane sauntering into a bar after drinking a reverends wife’s yearly supply of wine. Thats 2 bottles and a magnum if you are wondering.The magnum is only when she holds her yearly Tupperware party with the ladies from her knitting club. Agnes is a REAL lush bag when they get into a biblical debate.We however drank all this before midnight, I even wore heels. Mainly because I wore them all day with no socks and didn’t want to alert the authorities that a dead body had been dumped on Queen West.

Entourage enters stage left consisting of one life partner named Justin Edwards. My incredible gay go getter that makes me feel like I’m fucking queen of the world, I also occasionally buy him brunch.
Its a rule between gay/straight life partners.
He took to the party like a conductor at a symphony and left on a man hunt faster than the road runner did when the coyote was getting too close. He’s also designing my apartment so he’s pretty much the full package and he’s mine you cant have him!

Our love is immaculate.

Anyway, I walked in thinking I would spend my time yelling derogatory slurs at my bar tending roommate. I thought I would sit down next to Meghan and get slapped and told how much she loved me. Hell I thought I would end up hammered in front of my oven cursing at it to make my pizza pockets faster.

And then, as if it was as natural as anything I sat down next to him.

Have you ever forgotten something? Like completely? Then out of the blue someone says something, shows you something or just is something and you wonder how you ever forgot it?

Funny isn’t it.

Over on Berkeley St I’ve become in love with putting my key in the door of my office every morning. Turning on the music, the lights, and now that spring is here opening the door to let the long awaited breeze flow in. The guys play fooseball late afternoon while the girls sit around our lounge area talking about escorts and prostitutes over lunch. We’re an amazing bunch that are creating extremely great work. The prostitute conversation expanded because of a mutual love for Pretty Woman, I mean Richard Gere…
I’d totally allow kissing.

Creative meetings, pitches, hallway conversations, conference calls filled with laughing and ideas. Our office is alive and I couldn’t be happier with where I am in life right now.

The homestead is still filled with the insanities of Casey and Tim trying to adult. We found out we have mice, so thats been fun. I keep naming them and then making a personal relationship with them, only I hate them.

Its hate.

Its a hate relationship.

Fred’s the worst cause he just sits in my kitchen staring at me like a smug fuck head.

The girls and I spent saturday getting day drunk and going to our friend Evely’s birthday party. We met for brunch and after the waitress feared we were getting sober poured us each a glass of wine all the way to the top. We ended up buying a birthday present consisting of a plant named Stuart McDick, a bouquet of Pussy Willows and a 4L box of white wine.

Looking back on it now its not a surprise the three of us ended up in a kiddy park trying to drive pedal cars…

Thats what the warm weather brings around here, well not belligerent females defacing a children’s playground. It just brings out life a little more, it brings people together longer and more intimate. My heart sings a lot louder when the sun hits my face when I crash out of my apartment at the start of the day. Warm weather means later nights in parks, longer sits on patios and backyard get togethers that make me you smile from the inside out. It also reminds me every single day I open my deer in headlight eyes that…

I am one lucky fucking bitch.

Spring is here Toronto.

Thanks for reading loves.


Lord Huron – Meet Me In The Woods  My favourite album right now, in the words of my dear Kmo “Its my fucking favourite.”

Andy Shauf – Hometown Hero

Lord Huron – Luisa         Again, My fucking favourite.

Leon Bridges – River

Father John Misty – When You’re Smiling and Astride Me

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – American Beauty 


Drops of Jupiter & My Letter to T Swift

There I go again, abondoning you, taking away that stupid blog you read about a girl that shares her life more than most people would like. 

How could I be such a tease, like vegan brownies. They look good but taste like if dirt had an asshole. 

Life’s been no short of a shit storm, changes are just slapping me in the face and I kinda like it. I finally crawled out of my living room and managed to get hired at a marketing and advertising agency. 


How the fuck did I pull that off? Being relentless and not settling for a job that wasn’t going to move me forward. Some of my friends will call me stubborn, and they are right. I’m the mule that will kick you if you try and move me anywhere I don’t want to go but I will lick your face after. 

There’s no real reason behind me licking your face…

In friendship land Tim has been a king amongst men during my slow climb towards an adulthood lifestyle. Our place is still non stop profanities and hilarity. 

Last weekend I hung out with Tim while he Dj’d a funk party in Kensington market. We priviously had dinner that consisted of many drinks, yours truly crushed a bottle of Spanish wine to herself. This lead to me making a VERY wine lipped video of myself singing to Train “Drops of Jupiter” while Tim was in the shower. I met Tim later as I needed to shower the early drunk off me and up my hydration levels. 

I like arriving to a bar tipsy so as not to draw attention to myself too soon. Well alone at least, if I’m with the girls it’s anyone’s bet the level of drunk we’ve reached. 

Anyway so there I am doing drink runs for Tim and myself dancing with strangers and making fun of 20 year olds trying to grind to funk music. The end of the night came pretty quick and we invited a few people over. 

It gets hazy here but stay with me.

I remember I was flying between my room and the living room talking to everyone. I might have told off one of Tims aquaintinces for asking me where he could do coke. I MIGHT have put my hand in his face and walked out of my room, I MIGHT have.

Quickly afte that I went and passed out on Tim which made him have to carry me to bed. On the way to my room I apparently decided this was the best time to do a scissor kick. Tim dropped me, obviously, I was like a drunk deer trying to escape from absolutely nothing. I hit the floor and rolled over to face Tim with one eye open and said


We both started laughing as he finally got me in bed where I then made him cuddle me until I passed out. 


I’m back to being the lovely single piece of work I’ve grown to prefer. I don’t know if it’s me or who I choose to date or just a random sequence of events but a relationship still isn’t on the board for me. 

Which leads me to my discovery of the new Taylor Swift 1989 album that just got released. Two summers ago I had the privilege to work for T Swift at the Rogers centre for her Red tour. I did wardrobe and at the time I was gloriously single and creating dramatic romances in my off time boredom. I didn’t spend much time with the girl but we shared a moment backstage. I gabbed about my sex life with her dancers, I don’t doubt she listened in. 

Now I’m listening to this album and start seeing that indeed T Swift has stolen my sex life chronicals. Let’s be real, she’s always been the girl next door, the sweet dreamer, and the highly emotional. Maybe she was just drawing a blank on her regular sweet romance songs. Regardless I have written Ms Swift a letter to ask for royalties for my life rights that I believe I deserve. 

Note: You might want to listening to the songs ‘Blank Space” and “Style” before reading this letter. 

Hey T Swift, 

How’s that new hairstyle working for you? I guess the bangs got kinda annoying after awhile, specially after I kept getting mistaken for you backstage.  You were cool about it though, you were even inviting and we let loose and shared relationship delemas. Member that long list of ex lovers I shared while helping you into that ball gown? The suit and ties I was running around with and how a couple of them used to proclaim often that I was insane? 

Loves a game huh? Bitch I taught you that game when you sent your bouncer out to get us cigarettes and weed. 

No Taylor, the worst has come and I am completely dumbfounded you turned my ongoing midnight male meet up into the pop dream that is “Style”.  It’s nothing new that every single girl has that one James Dean type that just shows up out of the blue every now and then. You know, the one you can’t not go home with even if you want to punch them for not calling you for months. I just don’t think you have it in you T Swift to pull something like this off without falling into a tub of ice cream in your unicorn pjs. 

Yes I know about the unicorn pjs.

So I’d  like my royalties made out in cash please. There’s no need to get dramatic about it, I get it, my stories are ridiculous inspirations for pop songs. I didn’t ask for this life but I’m living it out the best I can. 

You can keep the selfies I took with your phone, they are just of me on the toilet. 

Hang in there T Swift, one day you’ll be the harlequin you so badly want to be. Just ask Lindsey Lohan, I did wonders for her aside from being a drug hoovering crack bag. 

Your Bae, Casey Jane. 

Thanks for reading loves, I’ll be back more frequently. 

Kicked Off the Wrong Train and Zak Miller Lullabies


Fine, fine fine, I’m feeling oh so fine with my life.
Because Ive been thinking about time and how much time I have. How little time I now spend worrying, stressing out, and chasing things that are not meant to be. When you are aware of your surroundings, when you are making choices with yourself in mind, the rights things come and the wrongs things go. I’ve spent so much time wondering why things don’t work out, why every opportunity seems to fall flat, and why my feet keep going their own way. Its because its not meant to be and the quicker you come to realize this the sooner you can move on to better things. I’m not saying don’t fight for what you believe in, always fight, but know the worth of the fight. You have that choice, to just simply walk away with your goals and place them on a blank canvas again. I’ve had to rebuild my life a few times and I’m only on the verge of 27 years old. It builds a strong sense of being going through so many changes, you come out stronger every time.
I mean it, EVERYTIME.
Or else you my friend are one of those circle people. You are the stubborn, the egomaniac ones that spends their lives doing the same things over and over again. You make the same “safe” choices, you date the same men, and you make the same mistakes. Sound familiar?
Our lives move forward, let it move that way even if its terrifying. I have this feeling that a lot of people in our generation are going to have a rude awakening in the next few years. We do the same actions and expect a different outcome, we stick to the same habits and wonder why we end up in the same place.

You can’t make a pot roast and expect it to come out as a fucking cake.

So take that new route home, go flirt with that coffee guy who “isn’t your type” and stop pulling yourself back into your comfort zones. This advice is brought to you by a lady who has been shoved out of her comfort zone enough times. It usually feels like riding on a train only to be kicked off cause you didn’t have the proper ticket. You knew you didn’t have the right ticket and its a sinking feeling when you get caught. That is how I felt after realizing I had made the wrong choice, I had tried to find a loop hole instead of paying responsibly. If you ignore the signs life gives you, ignore that gut feeling, I’m afraid you will always find yourself getting chucked off moving trains.
The fun part about moving forward is the right things, the fun things, and the meaningful things become clearer. Perfect example of this was last friday when I adventured to the Toronto Island Cafe. From reading my blog you’ll know I went to an art school downtown, and you’ll know I have an incredible circle of talented friends. Zak Miller or Hummus as his nickname was, I can’t remember how that name came to be, maybe we just liked chickpeas a lot. Anyway he play’s in his band called Zakary Miller & The Filthy 5 Brass Band all around Toronto. We got lucky to watch him do his thing in a beautiful garden cafe setting, surrounded by wine and hula hoopers as the sun set slowly. My girls Cat, Meghan, Sarah and I sat around a white picnic table under twinkle lights laughing and enjoying the most lovely music coming from someone who we know and love. Zak even did an ODB rendition of “Baby I Got Your Money” which got everyone singing along. I spent most of the time just taking it all in, seeing how lucky I was and eying the smoking hot bartender that I later realized also went to high school with us. I drunkenly elbowed Sarah and pointed towards the bar but before she could roll her eyes Meghan chimed in loudly proclaiming his name and that we did indeed know him. I sank slowly behind the flower bouquet center piece and avoided eye contact with the younger pretty girls at the next table who had overheard.
Yea I get immediately shy when people find out Im checking them out and then try and act coy by sipping my wine and awkwardly laughing. I find the wine flushes my cheeks more than the embarrassment does, or I just loudly proclaim ” I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM”
The night ended with a lovely last song from Zak and his band, we all gave him a huge hug and gratefully thanked him for such an amazing evening across the lake. That is the beautiful thing about having a school that nurtured us as artists, we never forget that bond we all have. Its been almost 14 years since we all were young artists creating and figuring out who we were and what we could offer. We are still mostly all doing just that, creating and enjoying the art we were trained to do.

Remember my loves everything takes time and you have a whole lot of it. Enjoy getting out of your comfort zones, go see some live music, call an old friend, and take a chance on being out of the ordinary.
A good life takes 3 things in my opinion;
Patience, Passion, and Persistence.

Below are some tracks laid down By Zak and his band so have a listen, follow him on Facebook here and go out and see these lovelies live.

Zakary Miller  – Baby I got Your Money

Zakary Miller – Baby’s A Drink


– Casey Jane

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Dance






Right now I’m sitting in my empty apartment, in my bed writing for the first time in two weeks…life’s been a bit unbalanced lately and I’m making a valiant effort to change this. The last two weeks I’ve been working everyday on either my styling career, my sewing, or my not so part time job dressing women in local designers. I’ve had to step it up to make up for a slow two months however like my life seems to go, it didn’t just rain, it poured. I got hired to style a Down With Webster music video that had me in the back of a cube van in minus 8 degrees weather. Luckily I had an amazing crew and everyone eventually got to seek refuge in a church where we set up base for the rest of the shooting. It felt so good to be back on set and shortly after that I assisted another four harlequin novel shoots the following week. There were some mornings where I had to double check which job I was going to that day and some had three jobs in a 14 hour run…I drank far too much red wine and smoked too many cigarettes at midnight than I want to admit during those weeks.
On my down time I sit at home and sew wondering where my social life went, I have become a workaholic with the constant feeling I’m not going very far. I feel like I’m stretching myself too thin and even though I’m busy I’m not actually feeling myself moving forward in the direction that I want. The funny thing is that I know I’m changing a lot lately internally, I’m starting to actually stand by the things I believe in, I’m acting on the feelings I feel and I’m walking away from things that don’t make me feel good. I still feel a little like I’m testing out a new hardware inside my head and I surprise myself with my new thinking pattern. I really like having my alone time, I think I really need that time to check in with myself, to make sure I’m doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. I really depend on myself these days and its an amazing thing, I don’t crave someone to look after me and I don’t expect it. It sounds cheesy but if I got into a relationship any time soon all I would want would be to be wanted and not needed. That’s realistically what I’ve been looking for, someone who really just wants a companion in their life not someone to look after. I’ve learned from my past that in order to find the right person and be ready for them you have to know yourself and be happy with being who you are. Having ambition I think really helps with moving a relationship forward, another thing I learned is that if you don’t move forward in your own life that connection with someone won’t move either. You have to be honest, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and risk that terrifying thought of it not working out because it just might work, life’s funny like that. Everyone is scared, everyone has a little baggage but being able to let that go and really get to know a person is a pretty lovely thing. It’s something I spent months avoiding and it only left me feeling empty and more lonely. I always thought telling someone how you felt even if it was just a little hint of something was best expressed in subtle mind games and flirtatious encounters when realistically it’s easier just to tell them, ya know that whole truth thing. It’s easier just to say it and I know some of you are swallowing hard at the thought of this but coming from experience its not that bad. Sure I felt sick to my stomach for a short time, I smoked three cigarettes in a row before hand, I felt like the biggest dork on the face of the planet…but I was a honest dork and I’m fine with that. Things move so fast in life that sometimes you miss your chance, it turns into a regret and you’re stuck with this little piece of you that asks “what if”?
These are just a few things that have been on my mind lately. I’ve been going over things that I want in my life for 2014 and its really making me shift my actions and where I want to put my time and effort. Maybe even who I want to be with, I mean I can’t really choose, nobody can and that’s the magic of two people coming together. It’s that effortless dance that you do with someone that doesn’t seemed pushed, doesn’t seem overwhelming, just a lovely natural comfort in each others company. That to me is worth the work I do on myself, to comfortably be able to allow that dance to happen and I think I’m starting to warm up to the idea. But again I’m a hopeless romantic and ill keep spending my days building my own castle until time thinks I’m ready to have a guest over. The nice thing is that lately I’ve been feeling more open than I have in years, I’m feeling like taking more chances with the way I feel and not pushing them down and calling them silly. I’m already a pretty silly woman, I can never seem to control what comes out of my mouth sometimes, I’m very impulsive however I have this idea that those impulsive actions lead to good things…most of the time. I’m not second guessing myself anymore and I know if I feel something it either needs to be said or expressed regardless of the outcome because at least then I know I was a complete moron or I was hitting the nail on the head.
Things at the apartment have been as crazy as they’ve ever been with lots of lady night wine shit shows, a collective of Kate moments which include finding her passed out in her coat at a bar, her spilling wine on my bed more times then I bothered to count and many “surprise” farts which I still think are strategically planned. We have our dearest pal Branko staying with us again which has been awesome since he’s been on the road for the past month with his band Dinosaur Bones and Brendan Canning. I don’t how he goes from living on the road that long to having to come back to “real” life and get back to all the other things he does around town. He’s such a positive friend to have around and I think this time in our lives everybody needs a little help from their friends. I love that I will look back on this time and smile knowing I had the most creative, hilarious, loving friends around me that helped me gain the energy I needed to do what I love and make my life meaningful. That’s really what we are all searching for, something meaningful, maybe go as far as everything meaningful. Have that home that makes you want to go home to, have those friends that make you want to always call on, have that companion you never get tired of loving more, and have that career you built for yourself out of passion and purpose. That’s life for me, that’s the dream and I am closer to it than I ever have been. I might have a ways to go but I can see it unfolding even in the craziness of making mistakes it’s all adding up to a very amazing sum.
I don’t know about any of you but I’m so excited for 2014, it’s the launch pad year for all of us that have gone through so much change in the last couple years. I can finally close the door on a lot of things and use the skills, contacts, and experience I worked so hard to get to make my life exactly the way I want it. It’s all possible, and yes in about 5 days ill come back on here and write about how fucking hard this all is and that I’m spending the next week on my couch eating pad Thai and proclaiming I’m going to be single forever. Lets not forget that I am a woman and therefore insane and furthermore a constant roller coaster of accomplishments and onset heart palpitations in social situations and domestic responsibilities. No more should have done thats, fuck off to could haves and would do’s, it’s all pointless phrases that only hold us back from being who we want to be. This year I want to be even more fearless, I want to be smarter with my time and build on things that really matter, kick the other shit to the curb. It’s time to become a semi adult making creatively responsible decisions and I say semi adult because let’s get real I still play dress up at least once a week and I smoke pot in order to clean my house…the whole adult thing is still pending.

Well Ill leave you with this quote my mentor said to me about a year ago…

Do the things you always dreamed you could do because everything in this life started as just a dream.

Happy Friday Lovelies

– Casey Jane


The Damnwells – I will keep the bad things from you
Andrew Bird – Three White Horses
Foals – Stepson
Tim Noyes – Saturday
Wake Owl – Wild Country

The Couch Divorce






Today is moving day, it’s where I try and figure out how to maneuver things into doorways, push up stairs, and try and convince my friends that beer and pizza is a reasonable payment…I may have to get something stronger than beer.
It hasn’t hit me yet that I am divorcing my mums couch for my beautiful queen size bed, who, has been on vacation in a storage locker. I get all my treasures, my art, my life back and it’s because I made this happen. I had A LOT of help from my family and friends, ya know, the back bone of my existence is them hands down. I’ve found the positive, creative, loving people in my life and I’m not letting go of them, some of them will have to change my diaper when I’m old.
Oh and my new roommate is my best friend Kate, I guess fate has some bigger plan for the two of us. I remember when we were teenagers, we’d be sitting in whatever apartment I was living at and dream about living together. We’d talk about all the comedy and plays we were going to write, we generally thought we were going to be the next Amy Poehlar and Tina Fay. Now in two short weeks she will be joining me in the apartment, my liver is quivering already, this blog is about to get weirder…
As of tonight ill be completely alone in my space for the first time in awhile, it’s going to be a very surreal moment. I don’t want to rush over this, I really want to capture all my feelings and emotions throughout it all. I feel like this time in my life is shaping me more then life ever has, I can feel things differently and my thoughts are changing tune. I can’t explain the headspace that I’m in right now, it feels like all those academy award winning movie moments. You know the ones, where the perfect song chimes in, the camera pans out, it’s a melodic silence that touches your soul and makes you feel alive.
Today I also get to laugh at my girlfriends trying to pull off the “mover” look, their all tough chicks but that comes out after a few whiskey shots and a 80’s song. All of our personalities mashed together creates a pretty hilarious scene, it’s like watching arrested development on pot brownies. My friend Branko will be the only male, I’m praying to Buddha for him, he has his massive band van that will house all the furniture. He really is the best, whenever I need him he’s there for me, he’s been a constant fuel in my life and we both want the very best for each other.
I’m so grateful for the life I get to live 🙂 I really, truly am.
Time to get this show on the road,

– Casey Jane

Photos above in order:
My favourite restaurant Java, if you need to find me ill be there eating cheap pad Thai and 4 dollar house wine. A prison like bathroom on Toronto island after a PBR and Billy Holiday picnic with my friend Meghan. Women, we are nuts and a strange species but when we wear heels it’s like the mans version of a dog whistle. A single pink cloud that I named Jerry last night, he seemed so alone and perfect set in the sky. And lastly my friend Branko’s band playing at their CD release party last week, they are called Dinosaur Bones and their new album is Shaky Dream, check em out cause they’re gonna be big!
Donovan Woods – Put on Cologne
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home
Donovan Woods – Petrolia
Kings of Leon – Back Down South

To Be Honest












When I was growing up I played make believe…like a lot, it was a daily thing for me to make up stories and pretend I was someone else. As I got older I started to lie, I started to make up stories about my life and I would constantly drive my parents up the wall when I became a teenager. It just seemed easier to lie, I didn’t have to worry about excepting failure, or that I was wrong at all, because I was and am a REALLY good lier. The acting classes only fuelled my twisted belief that living life perpetually lying and over dramatic was exciting and care free. Now I want to pull back because I was honest about a lot of things, I had to grow up really fast and I think it was some form of protection for me.
This year I made it my number one goal to be honest, about everything in my life, I say what I feel and more importantly I’m honest with myself, my thoughts, and feelings. It’s been hard, a lot of people can take it the wrong way and sometimes it can be flat out hurtful. The initial truth telling is always terrifying, your heart starts pounding and you feel like the ground is going to open up and you’ll fall into oblivion. I always felt like I was about to get shot, like a wall would come down and there would be a firing squad ready and willing. That’s kinda fucked up…I don’t know why my brain goes there, but regardless it’s scary!!! but after it’s this release, I think I actually get off on be honest now a days. It’s this freedom feeling, like you just let something out of your heart that’s been strangling it.
Yes there are consequences, it’s not just telling the truth it’s being accountable for your actions and sticking by them. Learn from the truth and if whomever or whatever doesn’t, move on and know that you stood by yourself, you stayed true to what is important in your life. Even if you lie a small amount it adds up, I did that a lot in relationships and it was always (in my mind) to protect the other person, like they wouldn’t except me for who I actually was…which is ridiculous because I’ve been loved very deeply by some amazing men.
I recently had to make some really hard honest choices for myself, it was alienating and I felt like I was doing the absolute wrong thing. Somehow I just couldn’t ignore the burning feeling in my chest that I had to let some things go in my life and had to say exactly what I wanted…it’s an odd feeling going against the self you thought you were.
Things got instantly better, I could breath easy, my life became more simple and I am now living day to day without fear, well not entirely, writing this is making my heart race, I’m still having thoughts race between my ears…so I’m still gettin there.
Sidebar – I really enjoy contradicting myself in writing and then drawing attention to it, I do that in real life too.
It’s lonely sometimes but I know that I’m doing everything in my power to move my life forward, make it beautiful and happy. Everything else will come when it’s meant to come, right now my work makes my heart beat, my friends keep me laughing, and my family cheers me on.

Funny story, the photos above that consist on sidewalk chalk and Meg and Kate dancing around, that was last night after a real talk pow wow. We all needed to blow off steam and so we went for a walk around Meg’s ultra weird condo neighbourhood. I found a bucket of sidewalk chalk and well…we turned into kids again. I played hopscotch for the first time in years, Kate drew the highest looking sun dude I’ve ever seen, and meg drew a pretty blue flower cause she’s adorable like that. Then we walked up a hill that over looked the gardener expressway, there was a giant red canoe that stuck out a bit from where the land dropped off. We sat side by side on the tip of the canoe overlooking our city, a little tipsy, covered in chalk, all in our mid twenties, and a little less scared about life.

Ill be back with more on the shoot I just did with Jane and Jane, they deserve their own post 🙂

Happy Friday Lovelies!

-Casey Jane

Killing the Moment






In everyday you have a series of moments that come and go, you have the decision to let it fly by without notice. You also have a choice to kill it, own it, breath it in and make it a memory. Not many people take that chance and then it’s gone, you can’t get it back, it’s like trying to catch a rock you’ve already hurled into the lake.
I’m not saying this to sound deep (have you read my last posts?) I’m saying this because even when I’m busy with work, paid work, I always say yes to things that will make me happy and moments that I will make the most of.
Yesterday I went and did a shoot with Jane & Jane my favourite twins in the whole world. It was last minute but from what I learned sometimes those are the best. I got to work with an amazing make up artist Shawna Downing who I had only heard wonderful things about through the grape vine. The studio was a loft space off of Carlaw that overlooked the street, it had high ceilings, wood floors, and lots of natural light, needless to say it sparked every creative bone in my body.
I can’t wait to see the finals when they are ready, the model Meeshi rocked it, she had so much energy and little inhibitions holding her back. I was reminded of The Paris brand Celine, very clean and contemporary with a touch of seventies influence. My personal style is vintage contemporary and so this shoot was like being released in a playground where all the toys are mine to play with.

On a more personal note, apparently I am an intimidating person, I’ve had two of my best friends chime in with this after a long discussion about why I seem to be doing the chasing in social situations. I don’t know whether its because I’m loud and outgoing, I clean up well, or people associate doing stuff you like really cool…but I don’t bite. I don’t think I’m intimidating, I’m usually a very socially embracing person who genuinely gives a shit about people I meet. I guess this blog can kind of work against me sometimes, it’s hard meeting people who already have a preconceived idea of who you are. That’s when you look at your “online” persona opposed to your real life one, but to be honest guys I’m not much different. I talk about embarrassing myself on the daily and ill even go as far as making a list of the things that make me human, make me a hot mess of a lady, and make you see that sometimes I don’t have it all together just like every other mid twenty year old.

1. When I get excited my voice doubles in volume regardless if I’m on a streetcar on my phone, a small table in a restaurant, or in my living room while my mum is trying to watch TV.
2. I’ve spent the last three months sleeping on a couch…enough said about that.
3. I never know when to stop talking, it’s a nervous habit and when I feel like silence could creep in I start up on something else, especially with strangers.
4. My laugh is NOT sexy, it’s booming and sometimes I make weird snorting sounds or these back of the throat noises that sound like I’m trying to speak Dutch…I don’t know Dutch.
5. I genuinely think smoking looks cool
6. I move my hands A LOT when I tell a story, like an Italian on coke
7. I constantly think I have a camel toe
8. More then 2 times a week I try on nine to ten different outfits before I leave the house only to come back in a couple hours and change again.
9. I barely brush my hair
10. I over think the smallest decisions, like going down to the store, taking one street opposed to another, do I want tomato or cheese or both?
11. I have panic attacks every time I post a blog because who knows someone might hate what I’m doing and deep down I care.

That last one was hard to write because of how true it is, I may seem like a pretty confident person, I am in some ways and I’m not in others. Whenever someone intimidates me I usually think of them taking a huge shit, like the kind that make your face red and smell terrible. Everybody is human and nobody is better then anyone, some people are this way, others are that.
So next time you think someone is way out of your league, you think they are too cool to talk to, picture them taking a shit and remember that deep down they are fighting their own battles just like you.

Sarah Jaffe – Shut it Down
Robert Ellis – Cemetery
Tennis – Marathon
The Milk Carton Kids – Michigan
Chet Faker – Love and Feeling

Later Loves
– Casey Jane

Tell Me What?






If you had told me what my life would be like and is currently 12 months ago I would have slapped you, backhanded…and then I’d laugh in your face and call you an idiot. But here we are, or rather, here I am roaming around trying to pick up the pieces of myself I’ve forgotten. I feel like those can collecting Chinese ladies in Bellwoods Park, but before I can cash in I’ve misplaced them again.
This weekend was hilarious, anything with my group of friends usually is as we are all, in our own right, ridiculous. I know you all can relate to your own group of friends. They are chaotic beauty, the ones where you have no boundaries in conversation, and the ones that make your life seem like a movie…or an episode of GIRLS.
Saturday night as I looked at my best friend as she kicked a dirty mattress yelling fuck you in an alley way, I realized I loved life. When I woke up Sunday to find 8 missed calls from my companions I felt a warm hug around me, or maybe it was the hangover.
This week is busy, last week was busy, and I’m happy about it. Having each day never line up with the next is a shit-tsunami but it’s exciting. People wonder what I do all day and it’s an interesting question. I do lots of things, I pick my nose, I write this blog, I go to meetings, I attempt to be cool over text messaging, I jay walk…a lot, I walk my dog, I shop for photo shoots, I eat food…any variety, and then I collapse on my couch bed into a half baked state until the next day.
That’s my life and that’s the way it’s going to be from now on.
The photos above are snap shots of last week. My friend Shaina falling off a bench in a park, she sparked a new styling series called “drunk girls”. Kate and Evely kicking down mattresses and garbage in the ally way next to 751 bar. Me being hungover. The Gladstone hotel…that’s all I’m saying about that. A balloon outside my work on Monday morning saying P.S I Love You, I decided is was for me and not for a 12 year old on her birthday from her granny.

Anyway ill report back later in the week, I’m currently working on 4 commercials while my boss is on vacation in Istanbul…needless to say I’m shitting my pants a bit.

Lil Dicky – Stayin In

Angus and Julia Stone – Mango Tree

Night Beds – Borrowed Time

Happy Tuesday loves

– Casey Jane









This shoot was done back in the winter, remember that awful season? Seems so long ago but realistically it’s only 2 months behind us. The model is named Marta and she was so outgoing and sexy, she really made the whole day feel like a rock song. I love dressing models that get excited by the outfits I choose, that’s one of the reasons I love styling so much. You get to see clothing change a person, their mood, their posture, even the way they walk and talk can instantly change once you put them in an outfit. I love seeing confidence fill a model and Marta embodied that in this shoot, last time I spoke with her she was in Paris modelling, I really hope she goes far.
The makeup was done by Amanda Blair Roberson who is extremely hard working, passionate, and the sweetest person ever! I love working with her, such a positive lady and a driven one at that. The photographer Patrick Lacsina who I’ve worked on a bunch of creatives with is another creative driven individual. When I first started testing and building my book Patrick was the one photographer that helped me gain my footing, Im really grateful for working with him, I learned a lot about planning out a concept, curating a story, and executing it.
I’ve still got a bunch to learn but I’m really proud of my work especially when it gets published, it’s kinda like getting a gold star in kindergarten, makes you feel special, like your on the right path.

This story has been published in ZEPHYR Magazine just click the link and you can either purchase the magazine online or request a hard copy.

Thanks for reading and supporting all us creative people, I really love you for it 🙂 also if you are into Instagram you can follow me @sailorparc and see all my day to day shenanigans!

Happy Tuesday Loves

– Casey Jane

The First Day of my Career



Quick little post today, I’m starting my assisting job today with Marie Eve Tremblay and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think I slept too much last night, I did a lot of research for our buying mission today, did some yoga at midnight, then and finally then got into bed (well couch) and laid there beaming.
Hard work and sacrifice pay off, it’s all in your attitude, being grateful and humble is what will attract these things as I’ve come to realize.
If your in a spot where you are unhappy about anything in your life I implore you to take a step back, look at the situation, and decided on a positive action plan to better your life. It’s worth the fear, it’s worth everything you’ve ever owned, this is your life and you only have one to live.
Sometimes I still have moments of fear, sometimes I let it take over, but I always try my best to keep on track. Deep down I think everyone knows that taking risks and giving something your all is more rewarding that any avoidance efforts you could ever make.
Also the two photos above are fashion illustrations that I did over the weekend, I haven’t picked up a pencil to draw in months, it felt really good.

That’s all for today, I’m off to skip to my lou little darlin’s

These are my favourite tunes right now

Koop – Island Blues
Born Ruffians – With her Shadow
Stevie Wonder – Up Tight
Angus and Julia Stone – Just a Boy
Bill Withers – Lovely Day

– Casey Jane