I’m an Honest Joke







This week, not only have I dressed myself properly, taken the “normal” amount of showers and combed my hair more then once. I have also been hustling my little ass off to create work for myself. I am on a mission to create 21 hours of stable work per week for myself or secure a weekly styling gig, easier said than done as I am learning. It’s exciting, panic attack inducing and overwhelming, kinda like doing a shot of something that the bartender lit on fire. Being able to make money at what I love has been tough as I’ve said many times but like I hear from every creative professional you just keep busy and keep creating work, eventually it will turn into money.
On a lighter note Kmo and I are becoming full on winos with an artistic purpose that will probably keep us single until either A) we get famous or B) Pinterest comes up with a way to meet the hot rugged model guys we pin on our “men Cashmo wants to date” board. I’m almost 100% positive we are both going to die in this apartment in a pile of empty cigarette packs, magnum bottles, costumes and men’s underwear, oddly I’m ok with this. On the upside, we are not only creating the funniest work we’ve ever done and we are also the happiest I’ve seen us in a long time. Being in a comedy duo has not only saved my sanity, its simultaneously made me bat shit crazy about being and living as hilariously as I can. I can’t tell you how great it is to come home and find a note from Kate with a picture of a dick drawn saying I love you. I love coming home to a living room covered in note paper with ridiculous song lyrics scribbled all over them. I can’t get enough of spending late nights belting out alternate words to songs like “Kiss Me” and sitting on our stoop smoking while watching the local nut bars harass tourists. This is life and I really like the way we are living it. We both go off and create work for ourselves. We struggle and stress but at the end of the day it’s all worth it. Everyday is like walking onto a sitcom…well without the dead people laugh track; that would just be terrifying and a hint that we are indeed loosing are marbles. I’ll never give up comedy and trying to make people laugh at my deranged view of the world. I won’t give up trying to make beauty for the world I see. Two very different paths but I know I’ll always fight the good crazy fight to keep them both in my life.
I have a tame side that indulges in slow sappy folk songs, a vintage tea cup collection and a fascination with writing in public places. I always take the longer route home so that I can listen to my full playlist on my iPod and I catch eyes with attractive men passing by wondering if I had the guts to stop them they would be happy about it or generally weirded out. I’m a hopeless romantic stuck in an independent worm-hole that keeps me from remotely smelling like I want to be swooned. Maybe my commitment heart attacks will stop once I meet this gentlemen…poor bastard has no idea what he’s getting himself into, then again neither will I and that’s the beauty of it all. You can’t force chemistry and you can’t really force meeting someone, they usually come at the right time and it’s easy and natural. I don’t wait around for it but it I do wonder about it, strange to think that “the one” is walking around this planet until one day when you end up at the right spot at the right time, together in goo goo eyed wonder…
I always pictured myself meeting “the one” in some embarrassing moment like pouring coffee on myself, walking into his car door or being caught doing something really weird…as I do a lot. But quite honestly I don’t think my fool in love moment is coming for sometime and I’m aware that’s completely out of my control however I like to tell myself I have some ability in directing my life.
What is a gal to do but pour a glass of wine and carry on the dance we all do in our twenties, the dance of “do I want that”? It’s an ever current reality that I see all of us go through and it’s quite hilarious seeing some of us that have no awareness about it whatsoever or we do and just choose to ignore the nagging idea of doing something else, someone else, anything else than our current state. I’ve done this and continue to waltz right into the haze of a questionable decision and yet done it anyway for some level of comfort, familiarity or stupidity…I’m almost positive it’s usually the latter.
Can I just turn your attention to the photos above, we turned our living room into a studio and played dress up last night. During this time I had a brief dilemma about the effect these would have on my dating life, if it’s really much to begin with.

Casey: How am I supposed to find a man if I keep posting these fucking ridiculous pictures of myself?
Kate: Maybe they will attract the right one
Casey: Kate…no man would walk into that death trap that isn’t already insane
Kate: Yea…but what if he looks like the guys from our Pinterest board
Casey: …You’ve changed my mind
Kate: That’s the spirit!

Well that’s enough from little ol me my loves, it’s the weekend so I do hope you’re all planning to dance, laugh and maybe just maybe chicken dance with the gal or guy of your dreams.


– Casey Jane

Friday Tunes!
P.S if you haven’t heard of J. Tillman a.k.a Father John Misty then I suggest you look up everything he’s done, I’m kinda in love with him, for real, I want to marry him and live in an air stream, have him sing to me drunk on whiskey, cook me hamburger helper while smoking…sorry I got away from myself, carry on.

J. Tillman – Take Care
The Head and the Heart – Another story
Pacific Air – Float
J Tillman – If you gotta go, go now
The 1975 – Heart Out


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