The new chapter to a long book








Last night was the first night since I’ve moved into my new place where I’ve had a full nights sleep…it was glorious. I still haven’t had a full day off to unpack, clean and start another painting binge in my now red living room, I want it white and I want it now!
The one thing I’m trying to do is be patient with designing this new space, you can go broke pretty quick if you don’t plan out what you actually need opposed to what you want. What I love about the new place is the high ceilings, I feel so little walking into the living/dining room area and I can see the potential to make it a very bright and inviting space to be in. I started a floor plan and have been pinning on Pinterest like crazy! I’ve also been dancing around in my underwear a lot more…because I can, and Kmo (my roommate) hasn’t moved in yet, even though I’m sure it won’t change my behaviour much once she does.
Over the last couple days I’ve assisted on a Target Ad, pulled for four Harlequin book covers, and styled a Kraft Christmas campaign. It’s been non stop to say the least and I’m loving every minute of it. There is nothing more fulfilling being freelance than completely supporting yourself in your passion and what you love to do. I never thought this would be my life, I never imagined being freelance and taking this road. Now that I am I can’t stop dreaming bigger, doing greater things and working harder at reaching the next level of success in my career. I want it more then anything, I want to establish myself as a positive and professional force. I still have a long road to travel and I am still learning from my mentors and peers which whom I am forever grateful towards. I never want to loose that sense of being humbled by my work and life.
On Saturday I was taken to a great play called The Delicatessen on Ossington. It’s a comedy based on a couple that goes to a sex club called Wicked, which is actually a real swingers club on Queen West. It really explored the dynamic of the modern couple which is completely fucked up and confusing sometimes. It shows that no matter how much you’ve built together it can all mean nothing if you have nothing left for yourself. The main couple is trying to spice things up, try new things while in the end it doesn’t solve the fact that they are both personally unhappy with themselves. I know this sounds tragic but it’s written hysterically well, the language was quick and on point, and the actors had an amazing dynamic between them.
I didn’t realize how much I missed live theatre until I started watching this play, it’s nice to immerse yourself in someone else’s art for awhile. Next week I’m planning on going to the AGO and soak up some fine art as the gallery is open for free on Wednesday nights, also I’ve been hearing incredible things about a new exhibit there called According to What? by Chinese artist Ai WeiWei.
The photos above are snaps of the moving day with Shaina and Meghan playing go cart at the storage unit. A reality slap at a wardrobe rental house I was working at, I’ve been questioning my bone structure ever since. A view of my giant window in my bedroom, it’s a little loud when the streetcars roll by but honestly over the years living on Queen it’s become kinda nostalgic to me. Fabric guru Lisa cutting a few yards of sheer at Trendy Fabrics on queen west, honestly there are the best garment shops around my new place. Me enjoying my window spot, I can lay on my bed and lean out my window onto queen, there’s something Parisian about being able to do that. Never ending laundry trip to my local place, I was trying to wash an outfit before a date…I ended up being 30 mins late to a thoughtful picnic and a very dapper fellow…I amaze myself at how I get so nervous before a date still.
Lastly this amazing instrument my friend Rachelle owner of Hawkeye’s on Roncevalles scored for a Mumford and Sons event she designing.

I’m enjoying a little bit of a relaxed day today planning out next week and some home projects.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

We are the city – Friends Hurt
Nataly Dawn – Araceli
Jeremy Fisher – Sula
Marvin Gaye – Got to give it up



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