And then life happened








I’m sitting here in my empty new apartment, I made myself a cup of tea and walked over from my mums place. It’s bizarre knowing that I have this place to call my own for the next little while and it’s amazing that ill get to sleep in my bed in two weeks. I spent the last five months falling onto my mums couch, dealing with four suitcases full of clothes constantly, and having to succeed and fail a number of times before somewhat getting it right.
Shit is hitting the fan in my life, well replace the shit with like, rainbows or cookies, I suppose there is a better analogy to explain how this past week has gone. After my birthday I wrote out some goals, financial ones mainly and some to help kick old habits. I’ve been so focused on the moment that I forgot that planning for your future is just as important. I sometimes live too much in the moment and don’t bother to think about consequences until they smack me in the face usually in the form of a bank statement or a date gone terribly wrong.
Life is constantly making my existence worth it, I’m getting to see my purpose on this confusing and massive planet. Somedays I want it to be bigger, I want my life to go to places I never imagined. Somedays I want it all to pause, I feel like I don’t have time to even catch my breath, but those are the moments when I feel the most alive. The difference nowadays is that I’m planning my life out, I’m like pinky and the brain lately, plotting world domination only instead of a mind control device I have a Laura Siegel cape and a pair of Jeffery Campbell Franz boots.
Here are some things I’m excited to do now that I have my own place again
1. Eat, sleep, drink, fart, laugh, cry, and possibly have sex (lack of fart and food crumbs permitting) in my bed.
2. Be able to find that specific shirt I want to wear without going through 4 suitcases and a dresser. I have a MASSIVE closet in my new room…my credit card having a retail orgasm at the moment.
3. Have my friends over for dinner parties, games night, French club, and everything else I love doing when people come over.
4. Walk around in my underwear, I still do that at my mums place but I don’t get very good reception.
5. GO HOME! I haven’t felt like I’ve had a home in 8 months, I’ve been flying around this city for work, play, and a place to sleep. I’m so excited to have my little spot to call home again, with all my weird nick nacks, my tea cup collection, my artwork, and my many 80s DVDs I bought in bulk from a garage sale.

That’s all from me right now darlin’s, thanks to everyone for all your love and support…I honestly can’t tell you how grateful I am for all this, well I could…wait I did, why do people say that phrase? I am grateful, there…Why can’t I just make things simple?

Love you all and happy Wednesday, the two pictures above with the models are two shoots I did with Patrick Lacsina, Amanda Blair Robson and Elmer Olsen agency. Also I worked with Jane & Jane again on a collaboration featuring Laura Siegels FW2013 and Emily Woundenburg, both extremely talented Canadian designers. Ill have the whole story up in a couple weeks, but check them out and support our creative friends!

– Casey Jane


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