Self Management: The Art of Kicking Your Own Ass





Every now and then life starts giving you little hints, or big ones that a little self management is in order. You can either ignore it and wait for the shit storm to happen, or you can be aware of the hints and take a step back to reorganizing your life’s constant to-do list. I’ve gotten a lot better at being aware of these “hints” because for me they happen pretty quickly when I’m slacking a bit. I know the consequences of ignorance, I’ve learned the hard way a bunch of times and now that I don’t have a “normal” day job its even more crucial that I continue to motivate myself…even if its raining, I have cramps that feel like a loose wombat is in my uterus, it’s 25 degrees and all my friends are off to the island, and the list goes on.
There will always be something else you could be doing, but letting that ” Im missing out” feeling take hold is not the right answer. I mean if you have a day off, which everyone should, then yea go balls to the wall with excitement and adventure. I’m talking about the days where you know you have to do a lot, it’s racing in your mind, but tomorrow you could get it done right?
Your shooting yourself in the foot.
Being alive is work, I know that sounds hilarious but think of it this way, you can either exist in everyday just filling up the hours with distractions until the weekend where you fill it with more distractions. You can spend hours on Facebook, party every night, hangout with friends, smoke cigarettes, stare at the wall, and watch hours of Netflix.
You can make a list of all the things that you want to do for yourself, things that will move your life forward, things that create the feeling of living. Read something that makes your think, learn a skill that you never knew before, look into that job you never thought you could have, exercise, and go explore places you never make time to explore.
Now as far as work goes because I never have the same day as the next I usually make a “Casey’s Work List” where I write out all the must do’s for the day. A lot of stuff in my work is time sensitive so I make sure that I put the most important stuff at the top or at the beginning of the week. Once I have all my work scheduled I then fill in the gaps of time for me stuff. There are some days where I don’t get the list done, there are some days where I do something completely different but I have that list that follows me and gets me back on track.
Last week was scattered, I let my social life take over a bit, it’s okay but you begin to realize that if your always available to hangout then your the one who isn’t doing anything for themselves. I did have a shoot and did a lot of shopping for the commercial I’m working on however the nights were filled with drinking wine and going out. Sunday morning I crashed and realized how cluttered my brain was with guilt, negativity, and anger towards myself. That was my hint and Im a much happier person when Im focused and sober, my creativity is more organized and the drive to kick ass comes back.

Give yourself a break but listen to your actions, they are yours and only yours to live with. Let go of things that hold you back and work hard at making your life awesome, cause who doesn’t love being awesome?
I recently watched this documentary on an artist named Wayne White called Beauty is Embarrassing. In it he explains that you’ve only got about 60 good years on this planet, that’s it, so fuck it, why wouldn’t you do what you love? And let me say that doing what you love can be taken a bunch of different ways, but to be successful at living you have to put passion into it, it has to create that ideal life you’ve always wanted. That’s the key is make the life you’ve always wanted because darlin you don’t have that much time on this Earth.

Alright that’s enough ranting and self justification for me, I think sometimes I write these posts for myself to read more then others…

Happy Monday Lovelies

– Casey Jane


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