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If you had told me what my life would be like and is currently 12 months ago I would have slapped you, backhanded…and then I’d laugh in your face and call you an idiot. But here we are, or rather, here I am roaming around trying to pick up the pieces of myself I’ve forgotten. I feel like those can collecting Chinese ladies in Bellwoods Park, but before I can cash in I’ve misplaced them again.
This weekend was hilarious, anything with my group of friends usually is as we are all, in our own right, ridiculous. I know you all can relate to your own group of friends. They are chaotic beauty, the ones where you have no boundaries in conversation, and the ones that make your life seem like a movie…or an episode of GIRLS.
Saturday night as I looked at my best friend as she kicked a dirty mattress yelling fuck you in an alley way, I realized I loved life. When I woke up Sunday to find 8 missed calls from my companions I felt a warm hug around me, or maybe it was the hangover.
This week is busy, last week was busy, and I’m happy about it. Having each day never line up with the next is a shit-tsunami but it’s exciting. People wonder what I do all day and it’s an interesting question. I do lots of things, I pick my nose, I write this blog, I go to meetings, I attempt to be cool over text messaging, I jay walk…a lot, I walk my dog, I shop for photo shoots, I eat food…any variety, and then I collapse on my couch bed into a half baked state until the next day.
That’s my life and that’s the way it’s going to be from now on.
The photos above are snap shots of last week. My friend Shaina falling off a bench in a park, she sparked a new styling series called “drunk girls”. Kate and Evely kicking down mattresses and garbage in the ally way next to 751 bar. Me being hungover. The Gladstone hotel…that’s all I’m saying about that. A balloon outside my work on Monday morning saying P.S I Love You, I decided is was for me and not for a 12 year old on her birthday from her granny.

Anyway ill report back later in the week, I’m currently working on 4 commercials while my boss is on vacation in Istanbul…needless to say I’m shitting my pants a bit.

Lil Dicky – Stayin In

Angus and Julia Stone – Mango Tree

Night Beds – Borrowed Time

Happy Tuesday loves

– Casey Jane


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