Since my last post I feel like my feet haven’t stopped moving, I’ve been on a whirlwind of working. Over the weekend I shot a creative that I have been putting together for a month now, it was kind of like my baby. It went amazing, I wasn’t worried considering the amazing people I worked alongside and the beautiful locations that were selected.
On the holiday Monday I got to take some time and head out to the Toronto Island for some beach time, the tunes were blasting, and the weather was perfect. Way back when I used to live on the island, those were some of the best days of my life, I miss them sometimes.
Once the week started I was picked up by Marie Eve (my boss) and we began work on a commercial we are styling. I’m blown away with how hard Marie Eve works and it inspires me to push myself. I love learning from someone who is not only a professional, but someone who has so much passion and love for what they do. We’ve spent the last three days collecting outfits, shopping, and organizing fittings for the talent. It’s been long days but I barely notice the time until I hit my apartment and realize how many hours its been.
I’m not going to lie I’m learning a lot of valuable lessons through this new job and the tolls it can take on you emotionally. Being on a creative high all day has its downside, especially if you have anything else on your mind. It’s draining to put so much energy and feeling into a job, it’s rewarding, but if your not used to the come down it can be intense. I’ve had some financial difficulty over the past little while, establishing yourself and making a career transition can put the old bank account in a choke hold. However that’s why I’m on my lovely Mums couch for the time being so that I can build my dream job and make it a reality without fear of being evicted. I’m ok with this, it’s what everyone goes through in their twenties and the end result will be far greater then the struggle. The fight does take it out of me, having to walk from one side of the city to the other, stretching twenty dollars over the week, and going somedays with absolutely nothing. It’s tough, but I still believe that it will be worth it…this all has to be worth it.
I really hope I’m right, I know there are obvious things I can change to better my situation and I am doing them. Freelance is a hard thing to be really good at, you learn and fuck up everyday, you also grow and become more resourceful. Obstacles become less of a fear and more of a common day to day occurrence, I’ve become a lot better at being persistent. Maybe I’m just bat shit crazy, something tells me this is half of what you need to get into this business, the other half is just a deep routed idea that there is nothing that makes you happier then professionally doing your passion.

That’s all from me today lovelies

– Casey Jane


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