Currently this week has been over far too soon, I’ve been running around all week getting together clothing for a shoot I have with Jane & Jane photography. I’m also working on three more creative shoots and one big ad campaign with my amazing boss Marie Eve Tremblay
I’m also condo and dog sitting for dear Kmo (Kate, my hilarious best friend and comedy partner in crime) so that’s been like staying in a hotel for the week.
I went out on Monday night with my best man in the whole world Branko, we’ve been causing trouble together for 10 years now. We went to the piston to hear some music and I drank far too many red wines, however it did keep Branko entertained by constantly plotting skittles in the bottoms of my glass all night….I can’t eat skittles ever again.
I love where I am at right now with my career, it’s starting to unfold and I’m working so hard to keep myself in the moment while constantly staying ahead of my schedule. It’s a lonely road being freelance but I wouldn’t have it any other way right now, I really do cherish my alone time these days.

Oh and one more thing, Cashmo (my comedy duo) has released a live performance video recording of our latest show, you can watch all three songs here.


The Rob Ford Song
Not Your Poo
Mable Geraldine

Let me know what you think, oh and also all you Torontonians…I know today has been filled with Rob Ford doing crack, an earthquake (which I did not feel) and its the Friday before the long weekend. Lets all just take a moment and be thankful we live in such exciting times…right?

Happy Friday Lovelies, dance your little pants off tonight!

– Casey Jane


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