A Comedic Life









As far back as I can remember I’ve always had something to laugh at about my life, it’s not normal, it’s embarrassing, everyone in my family is an eccentric in their own right, and my friends continue to warp my sense of humour to the next level.
Before I got into styling as I career choice I was acting, writing, performing, and basically doing the same race just a different craft. I was in a comedy troupe called Um?Like,Yeah! with my friends Matt Foley and Mae Martin, we performed in local comedy venues and bars doing sketch and musical comedy. Mae and I were roommates and Foley was our adopted child, it was an amazing and hilarious time in my life. I started trying stand up and singing more with the help of being roommates with my comedy partners, every day was a new sketch, I’ve never been so shameless and humble.
After a couple years we all moved on and I joined forces with my best friend Kate Morrison a.k.a Kmo and we started a comedy band called Cashmo which we have recently revived. During this time I was also in a troupe called Third Banana, I loved performing with these guys ( Evan Brandon, Ryan Parsons, Hannah Hogan) because they LOVED to use costumes and we all had a great chemistry. They were all fantastic writers, not to mention trained actors, total commitment to being the funniest we could be.
My life was a circus of stages, bars, apartments…it was a scene from The Birdcage. I know learned a lot but quite honestly the flash backs are too funny to be reflective on it, picture Molson cold shots, slap fights, dress up, and the occasional backstreet boy dance off…
Anyway that’s my ridiculous past for you and also I hope you enjoyed the snap shots of me and my former comedians. Kmo and I will be performing Wednesday May 8th at the Magpie 831 Dundas street west if your in the Toronto area! The show is called The Short Notice Show and there are going to be a bunch of comedy acts from some seriously funny performers.

I’m really happy I have comedy back in my life, I needed to start laughing at myself again, it’s humbling…or maybe it’s just cheap therapy, I’m ok with this.

Happy Tuesday Lovelies

– Casey Jane

Tune for today
Kids of 88 – Just A Little Bit


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