The B Side show



Hey lovelies!
So this is a quick post about my friends who are having a raise awareness night at Comedy Bar in Toronto tomorrow night at 7pm. I don’t normally throw events on here but these guys are doing exactly what I talk about on this blog, GIVEN ER. They have submitted their film to the Cinecoup Film Association and are currently in the top 40 to have their film funded and screened in cineplex theatres across Canada.

You can find their trailer here The B Side

Comedy Bar is located at 945 Bloor Street West and believe me you won’t regret seeing these guys before they become the next big things in Canadian film and comedy.

Congrats Ally and Matt!!! You guys are working so hard and doing your passions and I wish nothing but the best for you, I’ll see you tomorrow to give you a cheers and a hug.

Thanks Lovelies for reading, I really love having this blog to help support my work and my friends work because support matters in every way.

-Casey Jane


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