Passion Pays




Being passionate about your life takes time, it takes dedication and a motivation to pick yourself up and say I am going to make this happen. The past year I have been working so hard to make my goals and dreams a reality, I set out wanting more from myself. I remember going to shoots lugging my 100 pound suitcase up staircases and across snowy streets. So many times I drained my bank account to buy clothes for a shoot or a project because I wanted my work to look the best. I sacrificed a lot and lost a lot along the way but I knew deep down that this was the passion struggle that any artist goes through.
I failed a lot, sometimes things wouldn’t work out and I’d have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what I did wrong. Failing is a very humbling thing and I think more people need to embrace it in their work because it just leads you to more opportunities.
I have had A LOT of help and support as well, so many people offered their advice and guidance to me and all I had to do was ask. Even when I didn’t ask people would offer me styling opportunities because they saw that I was passionate and hungry to learn. I’ve worked for free, I’ve worked for exposure, for experience, and above all because I LOVE STYLING.

I want to thank everyone that has helped me reach this point and I’m sorry I’m being a little vague but this is all in the works at the moment and it’s all very fresh. I need to take a step back this week and capture all the learning and plan for the future. Above pictures are from a beauty shoot I did a couple weeks back with my dearest photographer friend Patrick Lacsina and the talented Diana Mejia for hair and makeup. Also a very special lady Kirsten White who has helped me beyond words, you are such a special person and I would do anything for you! One more amazing gal is Marie Eve Tremblay she is a Toronto based Stylist and someone I will be learning a lot from.

Happy Wednesday Lovelies

– Casey Jane


2 thoughts on “Passion Pays

  1. Hi! I am a stylist too and I totally feel everything that you are saying! Hard work and staying positive pays off…as long as you are doing what you love it is all that matters 😉 Glad I found your blog xx

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