I’m in the thick of it guys, two days down and two more to go…chaotic and calm at the same time. The pictures above are a result of packing crazies and A LOT of cheap red wine. Sometimes you just gotta make helmets out of bubble wrap to keep you from having a panic attack, you just gotta. It’s amazing that my life can be wrapped up and put into a storage unit, simply pause all my possessions (other then my clothes, you’d have to pry those out of my cold dead fingers) and walk away for a month or two.
I haven’t found my ideal apartment yet and I’m not about to go rushing into anything, I want to find home for awhile, somewhere I can make my little life. It will happen, I know it’s close and I’ve been dreaming of the exact location, that’s really all I can do until it’s the right time.
I feel like an anchor has been let go, one more big thing had to happen before I could move on with the next chapter of my life, that apartment was it. It’s not a bad thing but having baggage in your life is no way to create momentum, it only holds you back in the past comforts that don’t exist anymore. Life changes and you have to change with it, it’s the hardest thing to do and it happens everyday, I still fight for the past somedays.
Anyway the gist of it is that moving sucks but as long as you have friends and family, well and a shit load of wine, you’ll be just fine.

Happy Tuesday

John Mayer – Into your atmosphere
Bronze Radio Return – Broken Ocean
Tennis – Origins
John Mayer – Free Falling
The Band – Take a Load off Annie

– Casey Jane


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