Apartment Hunting & Styling









This has been my life since I’ve gotten back from a much needed vacation, it’s been quiet at times but I haven’t had one day where I didn’t have something to get done. I’m running almost everyday again with Tobi frolicking at my side, I think he bounds more then frolics. I have five styling shoots this month which is amazing but also takes a lot of planning and time. I’ve been making mood boards all over the walls of my bedroom, I find when I surround myself with them the ideas become more natural and embedded in my head. I love working and creating a shoot, it’s a process that I am getting better and better at and it’s nice to know that I am progressing.
The rest of the week has been dedicated to apartment hunting…and it’s slowly driving me crazy. I went and saw a place at the beginning of the week, it was in a building off of Roncevalles which is the area I really want to live in. I had walked by this building everyday when I lived in parkdale a few years ago, I imagined myself living there, I built it up in my head for a long time. Obviously when I saw the apartment, even if it was on the small side, I had to have it. I forgot one rule about finding and getting an apartment, if you really want it you have to be prepared. I didn’t bother to bring my reference letters, or cash, or well anything, alI I had was a pen to sign the application form. I got so worked up about seeing the place I forgot that their might be someone else interested in it…and there was, there was A LOT of people.
A girl around my age happily gave the man showing the place all her paper work and a cash deposit , my heart sank and I must have walked ten city blocks to keep myself from breaking down. I went home and sulked in my kitchen with a glass of wine for the rest of the night, I couldn’t believe that the apartment of “my dreams” had been taken away by someone else. I woke up the next morning feeling silly about how I acted, of course I didn’t get the place, I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t put anything in place in order to get it. I had to let it go and move on, it clearly was not meant to be and I tried to fight for something that wasn’t going to happen.
I know my little apartment is out there somewhere, it’s tough in this city to find a decent place that’s dog friendly and in the neighbourhood I want, but I’m determined to find a home for Tobi and I. The two things I learned from all this is be prepared, have all your ducks in a row and your head in the right space, being objective is so important with finding a place that your going to come home to everyday. Another thing is to know when to let go, know when it’s not your fight, see when it really is not for you and just walk away from it and move on.
I’m taking a break from searching today, I’m going to go for a long walk with Tobi, chai latte in hand and enjoy my neighbourhood before I can’t just walk out my door to the beach. I need to get back to living in the moment and today seems like the best day to start.

Happy Sunday Lovelies

Here are some Sunday Tunes
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Mature Themes – Baby
The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses
Amy Stoup & Trent Dabbs – Odds of Being Alone
Discipleship – Teen Daze


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