Back from Abroad







I’m back! After a much needed mental regrouping and break from the madness that is winter I’m recharged. I feel like I gained a new appreciation for my life while staying on my fathers boat in Grenada for 14 days, who wouldn’t right?
I got to slow myself down and not feel guilty about it, something that I used to do a lot before I left, there was always this sense of urgency that I created in my everyday and it only caused stressed and A Lot of mild breakdowns. I got to take each day at a time, each moment and really appreciate myself and how far I’ve come in the last little while. Speaking with strangers I realized how aware I am and how much I’ve learned and taught myself…sometimes you just need to step back from yourself and really look at the whole picture with new eyes.
I did yoga twice a week with my dad at a beautiful yacht club that was located in a valley, I ate the most amazing local food like sea eggs (sounds gross but it’s like a super rich sloppy joe). I learned a lot from all the ex pats that now live on their boats full time, and best of all I got to spend a lot of one on one time with my Dad.
What’s next?
I’m back on Apartment hunting for a 2 bedroom for my best friend Branko and I that is becoming a full time job. Toronto is extremely hard to find a decent place so it takes a lot of effort and time, I’m positive though that we will find the right space for us and the dog, I visualize it every morning with all my needs and some wants.
I have my driving test coming up…yea I know I’m 25 and still don’t have a driving licence but I’m quite confident ill pass with flying colours, I’m an extremely cautious driver and I keep in mind that everyone on the road is secretly trying to kill me, whatever helps me to check my mirrors constantly.
I also have a few styling projects coming up which I will share here once they get under way. Its also fashion week in Toronto at the end of this month and I’m sure to be there running around, networking and taking in shows.

I’m happy to get back to creating my ideal life!
Thanks for reading!

– Casey Jane


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