The Minus Touch








It’s now the dead of winter and its apparent that everyone is feeling it these days, bright side is that we’ve made it to the halfway point. Finding motivation in this weather is harder to find then a…well a natural tan line. However I must be insane or somebody is lacing my morning tea because I went for a 2 mile run today…yea crazy town over here guys.
After both the dog and I got the feeling back in our feet I got this burst of energy, then while waiting 35 minutes for the streetcar it burnt out. Up and down day but its been productive, not really but I’m telling myself this, somedays just don’t seem as exciting they just exist.
On the career side of things I had an amazing interview on Monday, turns out I have a lot of experience that I didn’t really give myself credit for. It’s funny when you add up all the things you’ve gravitated towards in life and then apply them to where your at right now…everything just may happen for a reason, a very good one.
I’m off to plan apartment hunting with my soon to be roommate (I’m so excited) I will miss my little place by the beach though…ill get sentimental about that on a later date. I hope this week is filled with hot soups, hot chocolate, hot whiskey, and anything above 100 degrees Celsius!

Stay warm lovelies

– Casey Jane

Soundtrack Tunes
Ray Lamontagne – Jolene
Citizen Cope – Sideways
Billy Holiday – All of Me
Tom Waits – In Between Love


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