Time Lately






This is an all around post, a post about everything, a reflection and a picture, I’m in awe of it all…
Ok not that close, I’m sitting in bed listening to a songza playlist called “into the woods” that I believe is messing with my lack of sleep and eagerness to write about something.
I’ve spent the last week flying around the city with work, to do lists, handouts, and dog walks. This week I danced, I ran, I socialized, I laughed until my faced hurt, I cried until my eyes hurt, I got food poisoning (thanks again Thai Grill), I watched 11 boxing matches, I wore a XL grandma sweater three days in a row, I drank wine, I listened to new music, I watched a film, I went thrifting, I laughed some more, I saw old friends, I saw new friends, I started to learn French, I bought a green velvet dress, I smoked two cigarettes because I got shoppers remorse from buying the dress, I got published, I was proud of someone, I missed someone, I lost a phone, I gained a phone, I slept, I stayed up, I took the streetcar, I took a cab, and I did it all, just me.
Pretty crazy how many little things you accomplish without knowing it in just a week, I think everyone should do this because you really do do a lot.

Happy Saturday Friends

Soundtrack Tunes

Bon Iver
Winter People
Flight Facilities

-Casey Jane


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