Life Lessons from Tobi






Today I wanted to talk about Tobi, the love of my life, my best companion, and a constant heart melter. Lately I’ve been bringing Tobi with me everywhere, not because I have to but because I want to better build trust, our relationship, and his confidence around strangers. When Tobi was very little he was terrified around men, loud noises, busy streets, and too many people. I had assumed he had been hit prior to getting him, it’s a terrible thought but there are some sick people out there. When my ex and I started training him it was exhausting, daunting, but rewarding when he reached the stage of being a good and loving dog.
Now Tobi isn’t as scared around men, he’s trusting us more and what I love is that I now have comfort taking him out with me into the big world. I LOVE companionship, and Tobi has been such a huge force in my life, he’s my running partner, he gets me out of the house on days I’d rather stay under the covers, he makes me laugh when nobody else can, and best of all he needs me 100% all the time and loves me just the same, I mean I punched a swan for that dog!
Ill explain that story…
Last year he was attacked by a swan and my mum instincts kicked in, off I ran knee deep in a gross pond where I punched a swan that was trying to drown Tobi. I was lucky and so was Tobi, we got a lot of strange looks from a bus of Asian tourists but I’d do it again if I had to, just call me the swan puncher!
What I’ve learned from Tobi is that it’s ok to be cautious and it’s more then ok to have your personal quirks. He will never be a dog that runs up to people and want to be petted, I’m ok with that, it’s just his nature and to be honest I feel like sometimes I act like that as well. I’ve learned not to be selfish and understand his needs for me, my responsibility as his owner, and the commitment that comes along with it. Dogs are no small engagement, they are a HUGE commitment but the rewards that come with sharing your life and your heart with an animal is beyond anything in the world.
As I write this post Tobi is under my chair snoring away, he loves nothing more then to be by my side and I feel the same way. He has changed my life, Matt’s life, and our family’s lives for the better , he inspires me to get up in the morning and to come home at night.
I wish he could comprehend how important he is, but for now ill just give him a belly rub and a cookie because realistically that’s the best thing ever for him.
If you are looking to add a dog into your life really take into consideration the amount of commitment it’s takes, think about your lifestyle, what you like to do and where you want to go. They can’t take care of themselves and they won’t scream at you if you’ve done something to hurt them, they’ll continue to love you, so no matter what remember that constant love they will give. Owning a dog is an amazing thing and I encourage everyone to rescue a dog, give them a second chance, they’ll remember that you saved them for the rest of their lives and so will you.

I love you Tobi, thank you for being everything you are including your fear of umbrellas and balloons.

Thanks for reading, ill be back with a more fashion related post.

– Casey Jane


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