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Lately I’ve been collecting images that resemble my needs right now, my feelings, all that deep poetic stuff that makes me seem more artistically inspired then I am. Lets face it, it’s cold outside and grey, all I want to do is pack my bags for LA and never look back…but this isn’t a Jack Kerouac book and I have things to do.
I find gathering pictures help me get an idea of what I want surrounding me. It motivates me to get going on the life list and create those images for myself.
A career in fashion seems to be the only thing on my mind right now, making that leap to a full time position in the field that makes me complete and fulfilled. Chasing and hunting down my ideal job is daunting, it seems impossible sometimes, and I second guess myself. It’s silly because I know how hard I’ve worked and I know where I want to be, its finding where I belong that’s difficult.
Regardless I’ll catch that career soon enough, fashion is forever changing and moving forward. I’ll have to mimic that momentum over the next little while.
Off topic, whatever topic all that rambling was. My Website is launched and working like a dream! My friend Kate designed it for me and now I have one place for my portfolio, my shop, and my blog! Mission accomplished, I could not have gotten that done without Kate, she gets free jewelry and clothing for life! Xoxo
Check out the site, I’d love to hear feedback.
Just click here

Happy Hump Day


Casey Jane

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