Hello 2013

Well we made it folks, 2013 is not over run with zombies, explosions or anything else that was predicted. However it’s now a clean slate and time to grab your life by the balls and take action on all the things that will better and enrich your life, at least that’s what I’m expecting from myself (you don’t have to grab your life balls if you don’t want to).
I just completed the mile a day challenge and to be honest it has been the best addition to my lifestyle yet. I feel energized, a little more balanced, healthier and physically stronger in my day to day life. It’s made me realize the importance of doing things for yourself, having something that is 100% yours to achieve and then actually achieving it (this is the important part) because once you see yourself achieving things you gain confidence and self reliance, it’s a pretty amazing feeling.
Before the new year I sat down and wrote out all my 2013 goals with realistic timelines so that I can work towards them and not just be overwhelmed by strict deadlines that are unrealistic to accomplish, great things in life take time to do. I have one big professional work goal, a couple big life goals and then a few that are relationship based. Here are a couple on my list, who knows maybe it will motivate you to write your own list, just remember be honest and real with your goals, give them all doable timelines, and more importantly write out goals that you TRUELY want to do not just what your friends or colleagues are doing and it sounds like a good idea.
Casey’s 2013 Goals
1. Once a month do something that will enrich my relationships with my friends and family. Example; going to see a live performance, an art show, craft night, event, or take a class as a group.
2. Gain my ideal job as a assistant stylist with 30k salary in the next 3 months, in 6 months put together a professional portfolio and reassess position.
3. April 1st get my own apartment in my ideal neighbourhood and settle in for the next 12 months.
4. Run 5 miles per week over the next 12 months
5. Once a week dedicate 2 hours to learning French, after 6 months seek a tutor to further the learning, at 12 months be able to have a fluent conversation and plan to take a 2 week course in France.
6. Once a week schedule a driving lesson, in 6 months take G2 course and at 12 months drive to London to see grandparents by myself.
7. Read 1 book per month and create a 12 month book list, at the end of every book do a blog review about it.
8. Invest in myself i.e wardrobe, acquire quality pieces and build my closet to be functional not overwhelming. Take a class that will heighten my knowledge and challenge my mind. My health, make changes and invest in supplements and eating habits that will help me live longer and better.
9. Create more informative and quality blog posts, every week blog 2 times, one about fashion, another about life.

So there you have it, it’s not the whole list, I have some more personal ones that are for myself. As you can see its all about realistic timelines, I mean obviously life throws curve balls at you but giving yourself a large chunk of time to complete a goal makes it manageable and easier to work towards. The most important thing is that this list is for YOU and only you, it may evolve other people but these are goals that will help your life and you are the only one who can achieve them.

Happy 2013 and I hope your all excited to make this year your own.

Much love – Casey Jane



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