Thankful, grateful…all that stuff






I can’t say this Christmas was the best, it wasn’t, it’s been a hard December that has made me realize how much I don’t know what I want for myself. What was amazing about this Christmas is how many people I have that love and support me. I can’t tell you how blown away I am at all my wonderful friends, they love me unconditionally, they support everything I do, and they will answer my late night phone calls whenever I need them.
I love my friends and family, that’s what this Christmas was about, feeling that special bond with all of them.
I’m making lists for 2013 and I’m projecting it to be the best year of my life, pretty bold statement I know, but the key is to write out things that will help make that statement true. Little steps that will inevitably make up the end result of greatness, it’s like building yourself a road map and sticking to it. I’m going to post the list closer to New Years so that I have a published record of my goals, also for my readers, I hope it inspires you guys to make your own list.
It’s really important that I make this list as I need to make a lot of changes in my life for the better of course. I want to start building my career, work hard and learn lots, I want to do more things for myself that will enrich my life, I want to make lasting memories with my friends, and I want to spend more time exploring my cities art and culture scene.
What are your goals for 2013 now that the world isn’t going to end…phew
Above are a few photos of last week, one amazing creme brûlée made by my friend Xan who surprised his girlfriend (my best friend) Meghan with a huge dinner with all her closest friends, they are both pretty lucky to have one another. The others are my attempt to run in a Canadian winter which worked out until today when I woke up to a foot of snow…I have my limits. And last is my mums adorable Charlie Brown Christmas tree that she got me to “Style” for our Christmas dinner. My mum made an amazing meal, she is indeed one of the most important people in my life, she constantly gives me love and guidance even when I don’t want to hear it, so thanks for being you mum. Xoxo

-Casey Jane


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