My Unrealistic Christmas List

We all have Christmas lists or at least an idea of what would be nice to get this year under the old pine tree. I however always like to make a crazy over the top wish list of things unrealistic but I still get to pretend that Santa is a real guy and will raid my fridge and leave an authentic Persian rug under my adorned house plant.

I’d be happy with any dress form but this is over the top so I picked this vintage mental and wood version.


Ashley Percival Bird life Illustrations for my bedroom or living room, basically every room.


When I think Christmas I think Scandinavian Furniture…not really I just want all of these things in my place.

These I may actually get myself for Christmas, or Santa, ya know, if your in the neighbourhood.

Cable knit duvet cover and throw…ya ill wish for that

I’ve been thinking about getting back into ballet, I think this is more a goal then a gift but I would love to start taking classes again.

I need a haircut…


Living room I’ve found your soulmate

I would settle for a wooden one over the real thing there’s something weird about a real deer head in an apartment with 10ft ceilings.

So there is my over the top Christmas list, I don’t mind if I get one of these things because realistically over the holidays I just want to drink wine with my friends, eat good food with my family and be happy that I have a roof over my head.
Oh! I’ve reach day 24 in my mile a day challenge, it’s supposed to be over on New Years but I think I’m going to keep going, obviously this time having rest days. I would recommend anyone in a rut, emotional trap, or just needed some motivation to try this challenge. Anyone can do it at anytime, just put a date on your calendar of when you’ll start and your end date, it can be a month or three if you like. This challenge has defiantly helped enrich my life, the best part is I know have a great daily routine for myself and for my dog Tobi, he’s been such a great partner through all this.

Happy Holidays to all you lovely readers

– Casey Jane


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