The Casual Vacancy…between my ears



I’m going to keep this short because I really don’t like posting negative feedback or rambling on about something I dislike. Last month I started reading J.K Rowling’s new book The Casual Vacancy, which apparently took her 5 years to write and publish. I had high hopes, I mean who wouldn’t from a writer that has built an empire around a magical series and who is an amazing story teller. Unfortunately I was sadly disappointed, this book was one of the most stagnant, miserable, and boring books I’ve read in a long time…to be honest I still have 20 pages left and I’m loathing it. Every time I put the book down I felt awful, depressed, and angry, I never wanted to pick it up again but I did, call it determination or stubborn to finish what I started.
The book is about a small town called Pagford and every inhabitant is miserable and drab in their own unique way. It’s starts off with a man called Barry Fairbrother whom is on the small towns council, he suddenly drops dead which sends the town into a scramble for his council seat. From then on, nothing really happens other then a mysterious ghost writer starts posting on the council website about everyone’s dirty little secrets.
I guess I just had high expectations and realistically J.K Rowling did what she wanted to do, provoke and ignite people. Here I am talking about the book, I took the time to write this shitty review, and why? Why didn’t I just toss it in the garbage or donate it? Why night after night did I subject myself to its pathetically boring chapters and characters that made me want to hit them with a shovel? Because J.K Rowling is a gifted writer and I respect her even if her first adult book made me want to white out some chapters and throw in some sex scenes or a gator rampage.

I’m not saying don’t read the book, it’s my personal opinion that this book is like listening to two old ladies gossiping in a library.

Ill let you decide.

-Casey Jane


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