The past 5 days I’ve been doing the #mileaday challenge where you run a mile a day, pretty straight forward. I was motivated to start because a) I’ve been wanting to get back into my physical regime b) a lot and I mean A LOT of bloggers I follow are doing it and c) I needed a challenge for myself. Emotional challenges happen a lot, you work through them with the knowledge you own, make mistakes or not, and hopefully learn and grow from them but what about physical challenges?
I felt like I really needed this at this stage in my life, I need to know that not only can I push my emotional boundaries but my physical ones as well. I’m going to be honest I am not the best at keeping routines, I’m not someone who can do the same thing day after day, so something like the mile a day is actually very difficult for me. My main goal is to finish New Year’s Day, however my other goal is to incorporate this new “habit” into my life. Now that I’m 25 years old and counting I’m becoming more aware of my accomplishments and faults in life, things I know I need to work on and other things I know I possess. My mum said something the other day over tea that made me really think about how I live my life. She pointed out that indeed I am human (thanks mum) and that it is not about the outcome of these events, it’s the journey and the things I learn in the present time. She’s right (mums usually are) I live too much in the future and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve perceived an outcome before it even happens, which only then makes me worried, disappointed when it doesn’t happen the way I want, or I feel numb because I’ve lived it before its even happened…That’s what movies do, I am a real person in real time and that my friends it what matters.

I know I’ve been ranting a lot on this blog but I feel like I can’t be the only one that feels like this. I always feel better when I read a blog or an article about women or men who are struggling with the same thing that I am, it makes it…well real.

I’m off to a Photo shoot with my lovely crew back at my favourite place to shoot, it’s an old loft studio with big windows that over look the Don Valley River, not a bad place to get inspired.

Hope your all staying warm!

-Casey Jane


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