It’s only Tuesday?







To start off I’m going to say that figuring out your life down to what colour socks you wear is better off left to improv. Over thinking is death to all and everything that is generally you…in my humble opinion. I have a mentor, I’m very lucky to have one, and for the past year he has been banging my head (not literally) to focus on controlling my thoughts and emotions, I’m a dramatic person, it’s endearing to a certain degree, there are times though that I really wish I had had his advice sooner. I used to and still sometimes do over think everything…and I mean taking 3 hours to get dressed, staring at a wall for way too long on one thought, spending 20 minutes changing my purse selection, and making my man wait at the Wendy’s drive threw while I change my mind 3, no, 4 times.
I don’t know where it came from but it’s bumming me out, why can’t I just say yes or no? Why does a non reply text message have to turn into a episode of community, and why is my default in outfit ALWAYS black?
I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, all I know is I’m trying to change the time consuming, over imaginative, indecisive parts of my brain…scary stuff ya’ll.
That explains my question mark at the end of my blog title, I’m now going to drink wine with a best girlfriend who is the complete opposite of this post, I will be back to share the wisdom with you on a later date, or maybe Thursday, no Friday, wait…oh fuck off brain.


-Casey Jane


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