All kinds of things

The past week was pretty busy and I’m gearing myself up for Toronto Fashion week bonanza! Seriously it’s going to be a nut house, but I’m excited to see some shows and meet people in the industry.
On Tuesday morning I got to go to Marshall’s downtown store and shop with a gift card, care of my internship. Best assignment, I got to try on clothes all morning and then write about it however it is different shopping for work and not fun. Regardless I walked away with some autumn essentials and spent the rest of the day writing in my living room.
Tonight I’m spending dinner with friends and wine, he’s a pretty cool friend. I love having Sunday dinner with friends, for some reason Sundays just make it special, like Sunday is reserved for the special people in your life.
I also launched my art shop on EtsyEtsy and right now I have original artworks up. I’m hoping in the near future ill also have prints, cards, and tote bags. If you have any questions about custom work or the art itself feel free to email sailorparc (at!) gmail (dot) com
Below are some pics taken on Instagram throughout the week, you can follow me @sailorparc








My favourite picture is the one with the caution wet floor sign, I was on a walk with my mum and we found this basically on a wood path, thanks nature!

Happy Sunday

-Sailor Parc


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