Walking Away

I usually don’t post two days in a row but I really wanted to share my experience with walking away from potential work/jobs. It isn’t an easy thing especially when jobs are hard to come by, however sometimes it’s the right thing to do regardless if you need it or not.
I recently had to walk away from a job that I had initially thought was right for me and would keep me financially happy over the next little while. I haven’t gotten to a point where I can be self employed fully so a part time job is something that helps me, ya know, pay the bills. I used to waitress and bartender but I got sick of the late nights and dealing with drunk people, not a very inspiring environment.
You know when you start something and you get that uneasy gut feeling? It’s like something invisible is trying to pull you towards the exit sign. I loose sleep over this feeling, and then I begin to stress about, of corse, money and is it worth ignoring my gut. I thought this job was going to be fulfilling but after spending a week doing it I quickly started to panic and stress about wether or not I had made the right choice. There were parts of the job that I liked and that made me feel like I was really doing something substantial but there were a lot of negative things as well. I had to work at a number of different locations for each shift, the hours were not very long even though the pay was quite good, and the timing of the day was strange and didn’t fit with my personal work schedule. I knew deep down that this was not going to make me happy over the next little while and I was very upset by it.
What did I learn?
It’s never a good thing to go against your true feelings no matter what because quality of life is the most important thing. I understand, bills need to be paid, but, and I say this because I have been in this situation a lot over the years, it does not make things easier. Money in the bank will happen but if your not happy with what you are doing, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING will begin to suffer. Knowing yourself and working extra hard to find the right job is worth every hour you spend walking the streets and carefully placing your résumé in the right hands.
Trust yourself, I’ve only recently started doing this and the payoff is amazing, don’t get me wrong it’s terrifying to walk away from money…I mean its money! But it’s not the whole picture and life’s too short to drag yourself into a place of work you hate. Personally I feel like you’ll waste more money being at these types of jobs, spending all your pay trying to forget where it is you work. When you are fulfilled and happy you actually spend less money, I’ve found that when I listen to myself and make positive changes I am able to not even think about spending money.
The last 2 days have been eye opening and from now on I’m going to make smarter choices when it comes to income and I hope this helps you the next time you feel trapped. It’s ok to walk away because all your doing is making more opportunities for yourself. Next time you feel this way make a list of all the pros and cons about the new job then write a list of why the job will make you happy or make you not happy. This will allow you to get out all those thoughts and feelings you may have, getting it out on paper will let you see how you really feel. Sometimes things get lost in our heads and its difficult to see where you stand on choices you have to make.
I felt like a thousand pounds had instantly been lifted off my shoulders once I had committed to walking away and I couldn’t be happier. Now I’m going to use my energy and time to look for something that’s going to move me forward not backward or in a weird limbo.
Trust yourselves, you’d be amazed at the change in your life it will make!

Have you ever been in a spot where you didn’t know how to get out? What did you do?




Thanks and Happy Friday!!

-Sailor Parc Co.


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