Head to Toe

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite online shops, I hate malls, they make me hyperventilate. I know that’s odd coming from a city girl but I just can’t relax and let my styling membranes go to work in a riot that is the mall. I prefer sitting down in my jam jams and exploring online shops personally, I mean what if you have to fart?
Im lucky because I am built like a 14 year old boy, anything from a spandex onsie to a organic cotton moo moo I’m pretty sure will fit just fine. Thanks to my mum for the Irish potato famine body type, but every online shop has a handy sizing chart if you are blessed with curves and boobs. I usually keep a seamstress measuring tape on hand just in case I want to double check that I won’t be strangled by little black dress…models seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

This amazing long sleeve horse print cape shirt is defiantly a pick for my wardrobe! I found this at Chicwish.com Chicwish.com

Cozy cozy sweater from Emerging Thoughts Emerging Thoughts

Onsie lovin, I have a crazy obsession with this company from Richmond Virginia called Need and Supply Co. I could drop crazy dollars at this shop without even trying. Need and Supply Co

Again another Need and Supply Co item that is beautifully made by Collina Strada Collina Strada

Gotta have these shades, it’s like Steve Erkel had a baby with Ray Ban! these shades

This shmock makes me very happy, I could paint, eat ice cream, and do jumping jacks all while wearing this Carla Dress Blurred by Stine GoyaCarla Dress

Well there you have it folks (mainly ones with vaginas) these shops will not disappoint I assure you. Also be sure to read all the shops shipping and about pages, it’s always nice to know where you clothing is coming from and how the company feels about its place in the market. It’s always a plus for me to find a shop that supports independent companies that pride themselves on making clothing in house.

Happy Wednesday darlings

-Sailor Parc


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