The Red Rythm

On Saturday I had the privilege to experience one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, or maybe it was just my first time of hearing about it. There is this little bar on Dundas and Ossington called “The Communist Daughter”, a very small space that I quickly learned packs up by 4pm by young and old patrons awaiting something I could have never guessed to happen.
Matt and I squeezed ourselves into a booth at the very back and were greeted by a tall skinny older man who reminded me of a cabaret man of sorts, his name was Michael and  he was quick to fill our order and scoot back behind the bar. At the front of the venue stood a clarinet player, a stand up bass, and a classical guitar player sitting on a rusty chair playing gypsy jazz melodies until it happened, Michael reached down after pouring a pint and drew a trumpet up to his lips, played a bit with the band and then began to sing.
We had stumbled upon a little golden secret in Toronto and as we listened in astonishment I realized how important these moments are. Soul food, that’s how my mum would describe it, stuff that makes goosebumps and your brain whirl with ideas and emotions. Matt and I whispered throughout the show about this band, The Red Rythm, being in our wedding, it was perfect, they were perfect, it made me want to get married right there in that little cantina like bar.
This happens every Saturday at 4pm-7pm so if your in need of a little soul food I strongly suggest writing this in your date book, its an experience that cannot be missed. Also the night is pay what you can, Michael puts it into a great perspective, how much is it worth? Well after you hear and see the first set I doubt you’ll be anything else but generous.

Michael Louis Johnson of The Communist Daughter

You can watch a video here of Michael at his beloved bar

Happy Monday!

-Sailor Parc


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