Oh the Frustration

I am a little lost these days, things have been slowing down as I have hit a creative road block and I think I need to rekindle my love for coffee. With so many goals on my plate and the ongoing learning fun bus I’m now riding I’m finding it hard to know where to start. I’m getting over my hermit type personality and pushing myself to be back in the city life, and ya know gain some energy from that. I did go out to the infamous Drake Hotel on Thursday to watch my friends band Dinosaur Bones with my friend Andrew, drank far too many G & T’s and wound up eating pulled pork poutine at 2:30am…that’s living right?
Regardless I need to put on some boxing gloves and fight myself to be a great eye of the tiger, a fearless go getter, a creative-holic (not a word) and meet a social hub of inspiring people. I think it maybe that time where I sink back into school and become a literary hermit (I know I said I’d become less of a hermit…but). I do find myself craving intellect, professors in tweed jackets, tuition bills, and the view from a 300 student class room, or I could be having an aneurism.
This is what Sundays are for, reflection of ones scenarios and a shit load of snack food and cheese plates, can I get a AMEN? I’ll be updating you on my constant U-turning throughout this speedy month.
Anyway here are some Sunday laments

Stars – The Theory of Relativity

Ray LaMontagne – Crazy

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game

-Sailor Parc


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