Its September

Fall is almost here, I’ve spotted a few leaves on the ground and I wore a heavy knit sweater at the cottage. I am in love with autumn, the colours, the mood, the food, and of course the neglect of my workout regime. I’m awaiting the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte like any inner city female and getting my wallet ready to throw up on registers for new boots, hats, bags and the marvelous cable knit sweater hoard! Ah the wonders of a new season all the changes that come about. I for one have new goals, old goals that got transferred over, and new projects that will hopefully move me in the directions I want to go in. Doesn’t September feel like a new year? I know for most people setting goals is for January but I feel like its more productive to start in Fall.

Coming back to my wants and constant shopping addiction I’ve posted some drool inducing must have’s for the coming season and just some inspiration for this lovely season approaching. Let the fur, leather, and contemporary tones begin!

Beanpole Insight Denim Collection from Need and Supply Co.

Tryst Bag by Collina Strada from Need and Supply Co.

Fur jackets, vests and scarves are all things I want in my closet

Vintage Boots, always a must

Pops of color here and there to keep the summer light alive

nothing like soft knits with edgy eel skin tights

Happy Tuesday!

-Sailor Parc

*All photos were taken from Pinterest and Need and Supply Co.


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