Magazine Internship, Store launching, and August

This weekend we had a big backyard party celebrating my departure with my young twenties, yes, my 25th year. It was so much fun and I got to party with all my best pals around a fire and candle lights. I have a new love of throwing parties and decorating, is that a big nerd alert? I decided that I must do a DIY party post with some ideas I’ve used over the past couple months, and with a wedding coming up in the future it will give me good practice!
This morning was very exciting as I headed across town to my very first internship meeting, it was filled with learning and opportunity. I’m so happy with how this blog is coming and I feel working for this online magazine will really help the content and overall growth of this space. I have a lot of work to do this week with the online shop launching August 7th, internship due dates, blog posts, and finding a new part-time job…I have no idea when I’m going to get to sleep. I am in laundry hell at the moment and ready to do more chores around the house and prep myself for a very big meeting tomorrow with someone very high up in the Toronto fashion scene.
Here are a few snap shots of my Monday outfit which worked as a great comfortable meeting combo and doubled as a work around the house comfy ensemble. I know I amaze myself sometimes at ability to be lazy and classy at the same time, I hope this gift follows me until I’m in my 90’s.

Sunnies – Forever 21, Shirt – Suzy Sheer, Maxi Skirt – Jolie, Necklace – Sailor Parc Co. Earrings – Thrifted, Bracelets – Sailor Parc Co

Hope you all have a great Monday and don’t be afraid to leave me comments, I’d love to hear some feedback and more of what you would like to read about here.

-Sailor Parc


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