What Learning Will Do For Ya

Happy Canada! We have had a fabulous weekend of friends, cooking food and drinking in the spirit of being Canadian. I have rekindled my love for Cesar’s, no honestly I LOVE them like a fat kid loves cake, and that is a lot of love guys. I will post the perfect recipe on here in the near future, and you will all see what I’m talking about. See this thing of beauty below, does not it make you want to lick your screen? Maybe just a little?


Okay now I am going to get down to the real post today, What learning will do for ya! I heard this quote once, well it on a bathroom stall in a resto in, downtown Toronto, “Its not what you learn, its what you do with what you learn”. I bring this up not to let you know that I indulged in a bathroom stall reading but that I think this quote has a lot of truth to it. You can be a know it all you can be impressive at scrabble and trump anyone at Jeopardy, but if you are not passionate about the knowledge it will just be used for games and maybe to look bad ass smart. That is fine, but I think learning should have a purpose, it should lift you into another space and help you grow as an artist, designer, scientist, doctor and so on. Learning specific skills is also beneficial as it enhances your ability, and your talents to the next level, which eventually gives the pleasure of calling yourself a professional. I am not at that level yet, but I am taking the steps and the butt kicking to get to that level.

Dude…Learning is H.A.R.D, and it takes time, from my experience it takes lots and lots of patients. When I was in art school I had my talents nurtured, but I was also a teenager and thought I knew everything. I did not give time to learn each of my talents properly, don’t get me wrong I learned a lot and had some extraordinary experiences where my talents were displayed and executed. I’ve been lucky that I have always been surrounded in a city that has so much to offer I’ve done art shows, theater performances, comedy shows and done film work. This is all tremendously rad stuff, but what I am learning now is that talent is something you already own. To get  to a skill level you must take time to properly develop, and nurture the learning process.

Last week I went to the library…on my own free will it was oddly fantastic strolling through the shelves and picking out stuff that will (with time and dedication) make me a better artist. So my word of advice on this sleepy and probably hungover Canada day is go to the library, take time out of your day to sit down with a book and learn. Turn off your TV and learn more about the things you love because its fulfilling and through my experience with this new business venture its pivotal.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post that will be including my fiance and his damn impressive cooking skills! Happy Canada day gals and gents I hope it is relaxing and at some point you go and get yourself a cold Cesar on a patio. Here, are a few snapshots from my last week!
Gardening and Harvesting


Puppy Lovin.


Got inspired.

Have a great Monday!
-Sailor Parc


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